BYU Offers Texas OL Prospect

The BYU coaching staff has extended a scholarship offer to a Rockwall-Heath High School offensive lineman who loves to get down and dirty in the trenches. Garret Tujague and the BYU coaching staff continue to mine the Lone Star State for talent and believe they’ve found an outstanding offensive lineman prospect.

Gauging by his film, J.J. Nwigwe is a mobile, physical player who loves to get after it once the ball is snapped. The class of 2015 prospect believes he has a lot of upside to him game and does performed well in all aspects of being an offensive lineman.

“I’m 6-4 and a half and 260-pounds,” said Nwigwe. “I play left guard and tackle and I’m a 2015 graduate. What I do well is as an offensive lineman is I do pretty good in the pass blocking and pass protection game. I’m also good in run blocking and I like power blocking. I really like playing in the trenches and getting dirty and stuff like that.”

Yesterday, Nwigwe received his fourth scholarship offer. This one, however, came from Bronco Mendenhall and BYU as the head coach was about to board a plane from the Salt Lake City airport.

“It’s honestly a blessing to be offered by them,” said Nwigwe. “Coach Tujague wanted me to call BYU’s head coach, Coach Mendenhall, and so I called him around 2:20 [yesterday]. Coach Mendenhall was just boarding a flight but that’s when he offered me the scholarship.

“I got an offer from SMU the other day, and then I have an offer from Nevada and New Mexico State. Now I have another from BYU. I’m talking about taking a visit to BYU the last week of January around the 30th, 31st, and 1st of February. I’m also taking an official visit to Nevada this weekend.”

With the BYU scholarship offer in hand, Nwigwe is excited about his new collegiate possibility. The lineman watched BYU play some big time programs this season, including BYU’s 40-21 trouncing of the Texas Longhorns.

“I’m really excited to be offered by BYU,” said Nwigwe. “They’re a big time school and play an independent schedule, which means they play some big time schools from various conferences. BYU is a great school and like I said I’m blessed to have been offered by them.

“I saw BYU play Texas this year, and I like the style of football BYU plays. I also watched some of the highlights from the BYU vs. Cal game.”

With the addition of Garret Tujauge to BYU’s offensive coaching staff, BYU’s offensive line has made a giant leap forward in comparison to previous years. BYU’s offense passed for over 430 yards against Cal to close out the 2014 regular season. Much of that can be placed on the shoulders of the offensive line providing protection for Christian Stewart who picked a part the Bear secondary.

“I really like Coach Tujague,” said Nwigwe. “In talking with him and getting to know him better he’s a really good guy. I like him a lot and he seems like a great guy and coach. I’m learning more about BYU and I’ve learned a lot over the past couple of weeks. Coach Tujague has taught me a lot about the school and what to expect, so I’m excited about.”

Over the next month or two Nwigwe will no doubtingly learn more about the uniqueness of BYU and what it has to offer student athletes. When it comes to his options, Nwigwe will take a few trips and then make an informed decision on what he believes is the best college option for him.

“I’m looking for a college where I can go and get a good education,” said Nwigwe. “I also want to go to a place where I can play and have a very good and successful college career. Then I hope to go to the next level after that if I can.”

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