Zayne Anderson Switches Allegiance to BYU

Zayne Anderson has been committed to Utah State for about a year now. Following his commitment to the Aggies, BYU came calling this past spring and threw their hat in the ring with an offer. Yesterday the Stansbury High School star decided BYU was where he wanted to be, and gave Bronco Mendenhall a little surprise during an in-home visit.

It may have taken a year, but last night Zayne Anderson made the switch from being a Utah State Aggie to becoming a BYU Cougar. The 6-3, 195-pound Anderson has made his final commitment decision final. He’s going to BYU.

“Yeah, I’ve been committed to Utah State since last December,” said Anderson. “Then BYU offered me that spring, and I thought, ‘Well, I really need to think about that one a lot’ since I’ve been committed to Utah State since last December. It was kind of hard for me to break my commitment since I gave my word to Coach Wells. At the end of the day I had to do what was best for me and my future. I just felt that BYU has it all for me so I committed last night and I’m now just letting it out today.”

Generally speaking, a prospect will either call a coach up or commit in person in the head coach’s office. Anderson’s commitment to BYU came by a different approach.

Prior to an in-home visit from Coach Mendenhall and Howell, Anderson let Nick Howell know that he had decommitted from Utah State. During the visit last night, Anderson sprung the news on Bronco Mendenhall, who was excited to hear the news.

“Kind of how it all came down was Coach Howell and Coach Mendenhall came to my house for an in-home visit last night,” said Anderson. “Coach Howell already knew because I told him when I decommitted from Utah State, so when I told Coach Mendenhall during the visit (that I was committing to BYU) he was really surprised! He was really excited. It was a lot of fun and I’m happy with my decision.”

While Anderson was committed to Utah State, he was receiving interest from Boise State, Missouri, Nevada, Utah, Washington, Washington State, SDSU, Oregon, and Stanford. He’s a top 100 prospect and ranks 13th in the west and number two in the state of Utah as a safety prospect.

“I’m really happy about my choice and feel like I made the right decision,” said Anderson. “I’m really happy with it.”

While Anderson has made his decision known he will now play for BYU what isn’t clear is what he’ll do upon his high school graduation. Will he play a year at BYU first, or will he go straight on a mission? It’s something he still needs to talk over with Coach Howell.

“I still haven’t decided yet and still need to talk to Coach Howell about,” said Anderson. “He asked me what I wanted to do if I just go on my mission or if I play a year first then leave. I’m just kind of trying to find out what I need to do now in regards to that situation.”

Congratulations to Zayne Anderson on his commitment to BYU. will follow up when Anderson finalizes his mission plans.

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