BYU Offers DFW OL Prospect

The BYU coaching staff continues to mine the state of Texas for top caliber football prospects they feel would be a great fit at BYU. In just under a two week period of evaluation, the BYU coaches pulled the trigger and offered another 2015 prospect from the Lone Star State.

Evan Curl has been a steadying player on his offensive line at Flower Mound High School. His ability to play both offensive guard and tackle stem from rising up to the challenges as a leader of Flower Mound’s offensive line.

“I’m 6-5, 285-pounds and I play offensive tackle and offensive guard,” said Curl. “Some of the things I do well are I’m a leader of the o-line, and when the competition gets tougher, I get better. I like to compete against tougher guys and just get better.”

His latest scholarship offer comes from Bronco Mendenhall and the BYU coaching staff who believe Curl is a fit for their program.

“I just got an offer from BYU,” said Curl. “I also have some interest from Northwestern as well. Right now I have around 10 or 11 offers. I have BYU, Fresno, Harvard, Yale, Navy, Tulsa, Toledo, UTEP, North Texas, Texas State, and Central Arkansas.”

Heavily overlooked in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Curl has been selected as a North Texas Top 100 prospect. He has long arms, which is what you want in a lineman, good feet, and plays physical in the trenches. Although still a bit raw, Curl is just the type of player BYU offensive line coach Garret Tujague looks to develop at the next level.

“I’ve been talking to Coach Tujague and got to talk to him for a little bit, and we’ve had some really good conversations,” said Curl. “In the upcoming weeks he’ll be coming over for a home visit. Coach (Guy) Holliday came to my school and I got a chance to talk with him, and then the next thing that happens is I call up the head coach and got the offer, so I’m really interested and they want me to come [visit].”

When it comes to the type of person he’s seen in Coach Tujague, and the type of improving performance BYU’s offensive line had this year, Curl likes what he sees in BYU’s offensive line coach.

“I mean he seems like a really good football coach, and he definitely seems like an offensive lineman coach,” Curl said. “Obviously by the way their offensive line has been playing he’s definitely been coaching them up and I like what I saw. On top of that he just seems like a really great guy to be around.”

The recruitment and subsequent scholarship offer by BYU to Curl was a rather quick process. In fact the offer from BYU actually surprised Curl.

“It was pretty recent that they’ve started recruiting me,” said Curl. “It’s been about a week and a half or so since everything started happening. The offer just kind of came from out of nowhere.”

Now that a BYU scholarship offer is on the table, Curl is definitely taking a look at what the university has to offer. He’s personally seen how BYU dismantled his favorite college football program in Texas over the past two years and wants to take a closer look.

“I’ve definitely warmed up to it and it’s one to consider,” said Curl. “My family are all UT [University of Texas] fans so we’re used to watching BYU beat up on Texas the last couple of years. It’s a program that has a lot of really good players. I did some research and BYU’s academics are off the charts. The biggest thing for me to have to adjust to is the social life at BYU. I would want to take an official visit there and kind of get an idea or a feel of the campus before I commit there or anything like that.

“Yeah, on top of how they played against Texas, BYU plays really good football teams every single year. They play really well too and would have played better if their quarterback didn’t get hurt. BYU is definitely a really good program.”

As far as the honor code goes it shouldn’t be much of an issue for Curl. He’s a Christian and lives many of the standards found at BYU are a good thing.

“Well, I think whenever you have players that believe in fundamental things like that it pulls them together,” said Curl. “It creates a situation where the players are there because they want to be there and play because you have to ask a lot more out of them. I think it’s a really cool thing, but I don’t think it will be much of an issue because I’m from a religion from the south, so.”

While Curl might not be LDS, he isn’t too worried about becoming acclimated to the environment found at BYU. The coaches have informed him that many non-LDS players thrive at BYU.

“They said that BYU is really good at welcoming non-LDS members to the university,” said Curl. “They said they’re really good for that and that there are Mormon type classes there so I don’t think it will be much of an adjustment.”

A few attributes Curl is looking for in a university stem from academics, to the type of support the team receives from the fan base.

“Aside from a college being an academic program, I would like to look at a college with a large student and fan participation with a good turnout and attendance,” said Curl. “I would like to see how the students and the crowd get into the games along with the football team. I also want a program that plays good football teams.”

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