Tejan Koroma Named Freshman All-American

BYU center Tejan Koroma was named by a True Freshman All-American by ESPN making him the only non-Power 5 player of a list of 22 to be selected. Also named a 24/7Sports True Freshman All-American as well, Koroma was selected as a first team all-state prospect out of Allen High School, Texas prior to being named an All-American at BYU.

Tejan Koroma wasn’t highly recruited out of Texas, despite his first team all-state honors, but his presence on the BYU offensive line as a true freshman isn’t lost on his teammates.

“Man he is such a big impact on the offensive line,” BYU running back Paul Lasike said. “It’s kind of been a weaker spot on our offense has been the offensive line, so he has provided some physicality and has baptized a few defensive linemen. Then the presence that he brings kind of gets you excited too. I’m not surprised at all that he’s been getting honorable mentions as a true freshman.”

Not one to rest on his laurels, Koroma looks to continue improving his game. He’s got a few years left to play and has a bright future ahead of him, so what’s next for the Texan with big guns for arms?

“I mean there’s little things here and there’s just trying to eliminate little mistakes,” said Koroma. “I’m just trying to have as much fun as possible.”

He’ll apply his pancaking specialty to Memphis’ Tiger defensive front on December 22nd in the Miami Beach Bowl. Koroma dominated on the field and graded out as BYU’s top offensive lineman recording on average five pancake blocks per game. In scouting out the Memphis front, Koroma sees a group that’s not very big. However, what they lack in size they make up for in athleticism.

“Yeah, they’re a 3-4 defense and they’re all pretty athletic,” said Koroma. “Their defensive line is pretty athletic. They’re not as big as other defensive lines that we’ve gone up against, but they make up for it with their athleticism. Then their linebackers will come up and hit you, so it should be a good game. We’re going to have to play our best.”

Not only is Koroma a pancaking machine but he’s also responsible for making the protection calls up front as a true freshman center.

“Yeah, I pick which side we’re going to slide our protection to in pass plays and what not,” Koroma said. “Then I’ll usually call the front of the defense and then from there we’ll usually make other calls.”

Having played against his own team’s defensive 3-4 scheme all fall camp, Koroma and the Cougar offense has already seen and faced this familiar foe. Now it’s just a matter of refreshing up on what they faced during all of last fall camp.

“Yeah with the 3-4 defense, that’s what we’ve gone up against all fall camp, you know, is against our own defense,” Koroma said. “It’s just like going back to fall camp and all that stuff.”

Cougar Cam: Tejan Koroma

Tejan Koroma talks about his being selected as a freshman All-American and how much surprised he is about receiving so much playing time. He also talks about Coach Tujague and what he expects of him as a player and person and much more.

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