Davis Recounts BYU Official Visit

It wasn’t long ago when the number 23rd ranked wide receiver prospect in the state of Texas took an official visit to BYU. He toured the campus, hung out with a few BYU football players, and had a brunch visit with Bronco Mendenhall and his family.

BYU commit Akile Davis took his official visit to BYU last month. The 6-1, 185-pound Davis enjoyed his time in Provo.

“I love it up there,” said Davis. “We went around the weight room, the locker room, and indoor practice facility. That indoor facility is huge! I really like it up there and it was cool checking out all the facilities.

“I went up there and went around the campus. I ate good when I was up there. That’s for sure. Other than then I hung out with some of the players like Jordan Leslie, Trey Dye, and Tejan Koroma. It was a lot of fun and just got a feel for the campus and everything.”

The highlight of Davis’ visit to BYU was spending time with BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall and members of his staff up at Sundance Resort. The group ate together and talked about everything under the sun.

“I would probably say going up to Sundance and having brunch with Coach Mendenhall,” said Davis. “They had all kinds of food out on the tables. They had all different kinds of foods like breakfast, lunch, and dinner stuff. There was a lot of stuff. Coach Mendenhall’s family was there along with Geoff [Martzen] and Coach (Guy) Holliday. We talked about everything. It was a lot of fun being up there with those guys. I would say that was one of the highlights of the trip.”

Generally BYU recruits on their official visit in the winter hit the mountains and go snowmobiling out in the Wasatch Mountains. However, Davis came on his visit by himself and didn’t hit the mountain trails on a snowmobile during his official visit.

“I didn’t get a chance to go snowmobiling or anything like that,” said Davis. “The only time I was in the mountains and by the snow was when I was up there at Sundance to have brunch. I just watched people ski and stuff.”

Usually the recruits come up for the big recruiting extravaganza that occurs in January. Davis wanted to come up early prior to BYU’s bowl game with Memphis to get a firsthand look of what it’s going to be like to play there.

“I’m going to be going to school up there so I thought I would come out there and see how it is,” Davis said. “I wanted to come out there a little earlier so I could see how it is when the team is practicing. I kind of wanted to see how it was while they were getting ready for their bowl game.”

What did he think of BYU’s game preparation for the Miami Beach Bowl?

“I liked it,” he said. “I got to see in person how fast the offense is and how up-tempo it is. It was good because I got a chance to see what it would be like when I go there. That’s why I wanted to go when I did. I’m going to come back out there again but this time I’m going to come out with my parents. I think that will be good so I’ll be back up there soon.”

Maybe this time he’ll get a chance to ride on one of the snowmobiles. Stay tuned, Cougar fans. TotalBlueSports.com will continue to bring you latest in BYU recruiting news.

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