Philyaw Awaits BYU's Decision

The question right now is what is BYU going to do to fill holes in the defensive secondary for 2015? Will the staff take a high school cornerback or a junior college corner to fill the defensive back ranks? This is a question De Anza College defensive back Thaddeus Philyaw is wondering as he waits to see how the chips fall.

With the departure of Dallin Leavitt to Utah State, Craig Bills Robertson Daniel, and Jordan Johnson graduating, and Trent Trammell exploring a transfer to another program, the BYU secondary is taking a big attrition in the face of what will be a difficult schedule next season. Waiting in the wings to see what the Cougars will do in terms of extending another scholarship is Thaddeus Philyaw who says it’s down to him and a high school prospect.

“I’m still waiting on BYU to see what’s going to happen,” Philyaw said. “To be honest with you the last I heard from Coach Howell was that they were looking at a high school corner, so it was going to be either him or me. I’ve been calling but they haven’t hit me back up for about a week, so I’m just wondering if they’re going to go with the high school guy instead.”

That high school prospect could be West Mesquite, Texas cornerback Trevor Brent who was offered in November. Brent hasn’t committed to BYU, where Philyaw said he would commit to on the spot if offered. Or it could be another high school prospect the staff is currently looking at. At this point it’s hard to tell.

“Yeah, they weren’t sure if they were going to take me or a high school kid,” Philyaw said. “I’m pretty sure it just him going back and checking and checking with the coaches to see if they’re going to take a high school guy, so I’m not sure and they could hit me back up any time. I’m not sure. I just know that last week Coach Howell got back to me, so now I’m just assuming that this might be the case. I’m still hoping though.”

It could now just be a waiting game for Philyaw, who is hoping that BYU still comes through with an offer. In the meantime he’s preparing himself in case the BYU scholarship doesn’t come through.

“I’m still hoping that it comes,” said Philyaw. “I’m just preparing myself in case it doesn’t happen. If a BYU scholarship doesn’t happen then I’ll probably just commit to the University of Idaho. That’s the other offer that I have. I was looking forward to BYU, but, you know, if that offer doesn’t come in and they do take a high school guy then that’s what I’ll probably do. If it doesn’t come then it doesn’t come. I really like BYU and was hoping but all I can do is wait now. I’m just waiting to see what going to happen one way or the other.”

The question of does the BYU defensive staff feel they have a current crop of defensive backs to compete against a tough schedule next season where they can develop future high school talent, or do they need immediate help for the secondary next season? We’ll find out soon enough.

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