Sedgwick Eager for BYU Official Visit

Although Laguna Hills High School didn’t fare as well as they had hoped this season, middle linebacker Will Sedgwick had a monster senior season. He’ll be graduating early and will leave on a two-year LDS mission. Prior that embarking on his mission, he’ll be joining the rest of the 2015 class for the big recruiting weekend later this month.

Laguna Hills High School’s football team didn’t do as well as expected this past season. The Hawks went 1-8 on the season, beating only Inglewood in the season opener. Despite the poor team showing, Will Sedgwick feels he had a very good season.

“The team didn’t do so well but I had a really successful season,” said Sedgwick. “We didn’t do too well in league because three of the five teams in our league went into the finals for CIF, so we’ve had one of the tougher schedules we’ve had in the history of our school. We also didn’t have a ton of talent, so we just did the best that we could. Individually I had a ton of tackles a game, so I was happy with myself, just not the team.”

Sedgwick missed a couple of the non-league games due to a broken thumb. Despite the hand injury he was still able to record double-digit tackles in the games he did play in.

“Yeah in the games that I played in I was all over the place,” said Sedgwick. “I had 18 tackles in some of the games, and the lowest tackles I had in a game was, I think, 12 tackles. I averaged around 15 tackles a game.”

While Sedgwick was knocking heads on the defensive side of the ball, his impact on the game didn’t stop with just the defensive side of the ball.

“Well, because of the lack of depth on our team I played a lot of different positions,” Sedgwick said. “I played middle linebacker, outside linebacker, running back, and I actually played a little bit of offensive lineman too.”

Sedgwick was one of the earlier commits for BYU in the 2015 recruiting class. He’s never wavered in his commitment to Bronco Mendenhall and his defensive staff once. He’ll be attending the big official visit weekend later this month when all the recruits gather together on BYU’s campus.

“I’m going to go up on the official visit and meet some of the other guys, so it’s going to be a lot of fun,” said Sedgwick. “I’ve been keeping in touch with some of the other linebackers in the 2015 class also. We’re all going to go up for the big recruiting extravaganza that’s coming up at the end of the month so it’s coming up soon. I think the bulk of the class will be there.”

At first the BYU coaches didn’t think Will Sedgwick would be among the group. Sedgwick is graduating early and will be leaving on his mission soon, so the coaches thought that he would be gone prior to the big recruit weekend.

“They didn’t think I was going to make it because I’m going on my mission,” said Sedgwick. “I don’t actually leave until March 2nd. I’ll be able to make it out there for the recruit weekend. I graduate the 29th of January and then on the 30th I’ll be up at BYU for the official visit. Then a month later I’ll be leaving on my mission.”

He’ll be home in time to participate in spring camp upon his return home.

“Yeah, I talked about it with the coaches and we feel it’s the right thing to do,” said Sedgwick. “I’m going to go serve then come back and get ready to play football.”

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