Lake Explains Opening Up His Recruitment

There have been some rumors mixed with some truth concerning the recent situation surrounding Dayan Lake and his opening up his recruitment not long prior to National Letter of Intent Day. Lake talked with TBS about his current position and clears the air on many recent subjects.

It’s no secret now that Northridge High School prospect Dayan Lake wants to check out other colleges to see what they’ve got to offer him.

“I was going to schedule a visit this week because UNLV and San Diego State wanted me to come up,” said Lake. “I have to call the coaches back to see because they want to do it next week so I didn’t have to drop the BYU trip or the SDSU trip. I can only do two of the trips.”

Now it just depends on what school will schedule him when making him have to decide which schools he’ll chose to visit.

“Well it depends on what week they’re doing it on,” said Lake. “Because they’re either going to do it this week or next week, because I have the BYU trip next week. I still want to go to the BYU one on the 30th.”

However, what about visiting Utah, who’s rumored to be in the mix for his services?

“Well, they still have to get back with me on that one,” Lake said.

Dayan Lake will basically only have two recruiting trips to go on. He has an official visit to BYU scheduled for January 30th, which is next week. If ASU, SDSU, Utah or UNLV schedule him this weekend then he’ll go. (Editor’s note: Lake appears to have decided to trip to San Diego State this weekend.) The big question is, “Will he just go to one trip this weekend while tripping to BYU the following? Or, will he drop BYU, having been on campus many times already, and take two new trips to two new college campus that are recruiting him?”

“Well, that’s what I have to decide,” Lake said. “I have to see what the coaches tell me and then make a decision from there.”

The question remains of, “Why would Dayan Lake, who has been a BYU fan all his life and been committed to the program for so long, now want to look around?” For Lake it’s a matter of making sure his commitment to BYU is the right one.

“Well, I’ve been committed to BYU for long and I committed to them so early that I really just shut out a lot of programs from recruiting me,” said Lake. “

BYU Defensive Coordinator Nick Howell has been recruiting Lake since day one. The news of him wanted to take a look around has to be hard on him.

“Coach Howell came to my school [yesterday] and he said BYU would always be there for me,” said Lake. “He said that everything will work out, and that he’ll support me no matter what I pick.”

What BYU fans need to remember is just because Lake has decided to take one, or two, visits doesn’t mean that BYU has falling from the top of his list. The opposite is quite the case according to Lake.

“Yeah, BYU is still my top school,” said Lake. “I just want to go check other stuff out.”

Let’s run down the list of a few schools that Lake is considering. What is it about Arizona State that caused Lake to want to take a look at their program?

“I just like their coaches there and their playing style,” said Lake. “I’ve been keeping up with them this year. I don’t know, I just like it.”

Brighton High School linebacker Osa Masina spoke to Lake after he took an official visit to ASU. Masina gave Lake a glowing report.

“He said he loved it,” said Lake. “I thought he was going to commit to either USC or ASU, but he said he liked it and that it’s chill down there.”

Chill from a non-LDS perspect, yes. However, ASU has the big time reputation of being a party school that might not be so chill for those that are of the LDS faith.

“Oh I know,” Lake said. “That’s what Osa [Masina] was talking about too. He was saying they’re the top five in the country for parties and all that.”

It’s quite the contrast from BYU, which has been named the “stone-cold sober’ school in the nation for the 17th straight year. Is this the atmosphere of ASU really what Lake is looking for?

“Well, that’s what I was thinking and one reason why I chose BYU in the first place,” Lake said. “I know that at BYU you don’t have to worry about all that, and it’s more about developing the person and yourself, which is what I’m looking for. I just wanted to go and just check out my options like I was saying. I just want to check out other schools since I pretty much missed the whole recruiting process since I committed to BYU so early.”

The party atmosphere of ASU might confirm to Lake, who is LDS, why he initially committed to BYU in the first place.

“Yeah, that’s very true,” he said.

Okay, so what is it about Utah that caught his interest?

“Well, I wasn’t really that interested in Utah,” said Lake. “Then one of the coaches came down… Morgan Scalley. Most schools are recruiting me for cornerback, but he was saying that he wanted me to play running back there. I hadn’t really thought about going to Utah because of BYU. It was different because I wasn’t planning on going there at all. I wasn’t thinking of playing running back until now.”

Lake grew up a BYU fan all his life. He referred to BYU at one time as his “dream school.” He’s worked out with Coach Howell at BYU summer camps and has been to many of BYU’s junior days. The reason for the possible trips is just make sure his initial decision is the right one since he shut out all recruiting from other colleges having committed to BYU early.

“Yeah, I just want to make sure BYU is the choice,” said Lake. “I made the decision to commit to BYU so early, and like I said I committed so soon that I just want to go out and make sure my commitment to BYU is the right choice. BYU is still at the top, so I’m just checking around to see the difference. That’s why I want to take some trips.”

When Dayan Lake heads out these official visits what will he be looking for is another question that arises.

“I just want to see the facilities and see how the coaches treat you and the players too,” said Lake. “That was one thing that I noticed about BYU. The way the coaches treat you is like family and the players are friendly with you.”

Lake has known many of the BYU coaches over a few years now, so he knows who they are as men and not what they’ll be in just one visit. This is something he knows and will consider given the fact that anyone can treat another well for a couple of days while on a trip. This might favor BYU.

The internet rumor of Lake’s grades dropping below the BYU admissions requirement has popped up and sprung much conversation over the internet. Lake said this rumor is simply not true.

“Oh yeah, I’m doing well in school,” Lake said. “That was one thing Coach Howell and I talked about when he talked. Coach Howell was talking about too. People were saying, ‘Oh, BYU dropped him because of his grades.’ Coach Howell said that’s the rumor because people are guessing because they don’t know what’s going on. It’s all different.

Since Lake’s junior year he’s kept in close contact with Nick Howell in regards to his grades. Coach Howell has kept on Lake to make sure he’s stayed eligible for BYU.

“Since my junior year I’ve been working with Coach Howell. I had to make a grade that I got in the ninth grade and that was it. Ever since then he’s always checking up on me and that’s why I kept my grades up so high. My grades are good and my ACT is good. I’m taking it again to get a higher grade on my ACT but it’s good. People just start rumors because they don’t know. That’s really all it is.”

When it comes to taking trips to other schools we don’t want to be overly redundant here. However, just to make sure BYU fans know why Lake has decided to take trips to other colleges, the question of why he’s decided to do so is why?

“Well because I feel I committed early and really didn’t give other schools chances, so I just want to see what the difference is,” Lake said. “I really didn’t give like other schools chances and stuff. I didn’t go out to other schools for recruiting and just shut them down. I didn’t give them a chance with recruiting. I just feel like, I don’t know, I closed up too early. I just want to make sure BYU is the right one for me. I still feel like BYU is the right choice for me, but I just want to check things out to make sure.”

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