Why I'm Signing with BYU: Devin Kaufusi

Timpview High School outside linebacker Devin Kaufusi will be heading on an official visit this weekend to BYU. The 6-7, 230-pound senior gives BYU’s fans some insight into why he’ll be signing with BYU on National Letter of Intent Day.

National Letter of Intent Day is just around the corner. Many college players will be signing their NLI to the universities they’ve verbally committed to. Timpview HS OLB/DE Devin Kaufusi gives a few reasons on why he will be signing with BYU.

“The reason why I’m going to sign with BYU is because it’s a well-rounded school where I can grow in many areas,” Kaufusi said. “I have high standards, the same standards that the (LDS) church has, and can go to a place where those standards are promoted. On top of that I can go and play great football in that type of an environment, so not only will I be able to grow as a football player but also as a young man.”

The quality of education is another reason why he’ll be signing with BYU in February.

“The education that’s at BYU is another reason why want to go there,” Kaufusi said. “It’s like an extra bonus to be able to go play football while getting a great education among the other things that are found there.”

Many might think that the primary underlying factor as to the reason why Devin Kaufusi is committing to BYU is because his father Steve Kaufusi is a coach there. However, Devin was told by his father that he would support any choice he made in regards to where he chose to play football.

“My dad would probably be a little upset that I didn’t sign my LOI to go to BYU on signing day, especially after having committed,” Kaufusi laughed. “But in reality he really left it up to us boys to make our own decisions. He left it up to me and my older brothers to choose where they wanted to go. He was going to let us pick. The good thing is we’ve all been blessed with the opportunity to go to BYU, and in the end that’s where we all chose to go.”

When Kaufusi gets to BYU, it’s not quite certain what position he’ll be playing when he finally suits up in BYU blue. His 6-7 frame could potentially see him adding weight much like his older brother Bronson. If that is the case he could switch from outside linebacker to defensive end.

“I don’t really know right now because I could be bigger and stronger,” Kaufusi said. “Right now it’s kind of a wait and see type of thing. Right now I’m kind of in-between outside linebacker and d-end. I’ll just have to wait to see how much my body grows. Right now I’m 230 pounds but I could get bigger. We’ll have to wait and see. Right now it kind of looks like I’ll be more like Bronson.”

That could mean, like his older brother Bronson, Devin Kaufusi could one day be potentially coached by his father Steve if he grows into a defensive end. For now one has to figure that Devin is currently an outside linebacker, possibly a future weak side player. It makes sense since the one that’s been recruiting him has been Kelly Poppinga, which is another reason why Devin Kaufusi is excited about signing with BYU.

“Coach Poppinga has been the one that’s been recruiting me,” said Kaufusi. “He’s been great throughout the recruiting process and we’ve had a lot of conversations about the game and life. He’s really enthusiastic about the game, and I’ve just really gotten to know him really well and what he does. I also have a passion for the game, so we’ve gotten to become really close over this past year or so. Anyhow, those are some of the reasons why I want to sign with BYU.”

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