Why I'm Signing with BYU: Akile Davis

Akile Davis was recruited by various colleges including SDSU, Kansas, Maryland, and Indiana to name a few. However, he committed to BYU and the reason he did so wasn’t due to what BYU fans normally hear as to the reasons why an athlete commits to the Cougars. Davis’ reason is a little bit different.

Desoto High School wide receiver Akile Davis didn’t have much of a connection to BYU. That is until he met former Cougar receiver Margin Hooks. Hooks was very instrumental in helping Davis to get a clearer picture of what BYU is about.

“He (Margin Hooks) pushed me hard to come to BYU,” Davis said. “He was one of the main reasons why I chose BYU and really gave me a great insight into what BYU is all about. I see him almost every weekend and he just talked to me about BYU and really helped me in that way.”

However, while Margin Hooks may have been an influence he wasn’t the sole reason.

“The reason why I’m going to sign with BYU is because I want to be successful in academics and BYU has great academics,” Davis said. “BYU also has a great football program and I want to be successful in football too so I can make it to the NFL.”

That part of Davis’ reason as to why he’s coming to BYU sounds very familiar. The only thing missing was the values and atmosphere often mentioned by LDS athletes as to why they want to sign with BYU. While Davis does like that part about BYU, making him feel more at home, another reason is because of the future schedule BYU will be playing.

In 2015, BYU will face Michigan, UCLA, and Boise State. However, the one game that makes Davis excited is the one against the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

“Another reason why I’m signing with BYU is because we’re going to play some really good teams in the future,” said Davis. “I’m looking forward to playing Nebraska. That’s the game I’m excited about. I have that one circled on my calendar.”

So what is it about playing big time teams like Nebraska that makes him want to sign with BYU?

“Well, Nebraska is known for their defense,” Davis said. “They have a great defensive tradition and they’re top five. I’m really excited about lining up and running out against that Nebraska defense. I can’t wait.”

When Akile finally suits up in Cougar blue, the Texas receiver is most looking forward to getting out on the field. He’s looking forward to playing in front of a large crowd at LaVell Edwards Stadium. He’s also excited to play with Taysom Hill, Jamaal Williams, and many of the key players on BYU’s offense.

“What I’m looking forward when I get to BYU is stepping out on the field when I get out there,” Akile said. “I think playing in that stadium and in front of that crowd is going to be something incredible. I’m really looking forward to stepping onto the field and just playing against some big time competition.

“I’m also excited about playing with some of the older guys on the team as well as my new teammates. I’m also excited to play for Coach Holliday. He is also someone I’m excited to play for. He’s one reason why I committed to BYU. We’ve already talked about how he is as a coach. He’s the kind of coach that can teach how to become better.”

He recalls how Robert Anae that set the positive tone early in the recruiting process. Once that tone set the standards, schedule, early playing time, academics, and everything else about BYU that was learned later was simply a cherry on top.

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