Why I'm Signing with BYU: Beau Hoge

The BYU quarterback position will be a little deeper come signing day. Kentucky QB Beau Hoge, the son of former NFL running back and current ESPN commentator Merrill Hoge, is making it known he’ll sign with BYU come National Letter of Intent Day. He’s looking forward to heading down this weekend for BYU’s big recruiting weekend.

For Beau Hoge the reason why he’ll sign with BYU is simple. He’s lived among the scarce LDS population of Kentucky and wants to be around fellow Latter-Day Saints. For Hoge he wants to be around likeminded people, so BYU was the natural place to commit to.

“BYU is a school that has the same values as me,” said Hoge. “I kind of want to be surrounded and around the same type of people who have the same values in life. That’s pretty much a big factor as to why I want to sign with BYU. It’s a place where I’ll feel comfortable at the college level being surrounded by the same values and morals.”

While the religious factor of BYU has played a big part in Beau Hoge’s decision to sign, another factor is BYU’s offensive style of play under Robert Anae. Hoge has a strong arm and can heave the ball downfield, but he can also take off and run the ball as well making him a dual-threat.

“Oh for sure,” Hoge said. “Football-wise BYU’s offense fits my style of play. That definitely played a factor as well because of how I fit within the offense. It’s the type of offense where I can definitely showcase all of my skills. I would like to run a little bit more when I’m there. This past season, and about the third game, I got a sprain so I wasn’t able to run as much.”

For Hoge, BYU will be an exciting new place where he’ll be looking forward to developing his quarterback skills under Jason Beck. However, when it comes to what he’s most looking forward to when he get there it’s all about making new friends and meeting new teammates.

“What I’m most looking forward when I get to BYU is seeing the types of relationships that I’m going to build with my future teammates,” Hoge said. “That’s what I’m most excited about. I’m looking forward to meeting my future teammates and building a strong relationship with them.”

That’s one reason why Beau Hoge is really looking forward to this weekend where BYU’s committed recruits, and a handful of non-committed, will be gathering in for a weekend of fun on campus.

“I’m really excited about heading up to BYU this weekend to meet all the guys in my class,” Hoge said. “I know there’s going to be around 20 to 25 guys up there, so it should be a lot of fun meeting everyone and getting to know the guys I’m going to be playing with and doing great things with in the near future.”

The group of 2015 recruits that be in Hoge’s group will include Laguna Hills High School middle linebacker Will Sedgwick, Temecula High School deep snapper Matt Foley, and Pineview High School quarterback Kody Wilstead.

“It should be a lot of fun and I’m excited to meet these guys in my group,” Hoge said. “I know there will be a lot of guys up there but these guys will be in my group. It should be fun and I’m really looking forward to getting to know pretty much everyone I can while I’m there.”

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