Coppell High School star running back Charles West and defensive end/tight end Scott Huntsman are currently enjoying themselves on BYU’s big official visit weekend. However, while others are taking official visits, these Texas recruits are on campus for unofficial visits.

Charles West already took his official visit to BYU last october, and Scott Huntsman, who turned down scholarship offers from Air Force, Purdue, Toledo, and most recently Houston, where former Ohio State offensive coordinator Tom Herman is now leading the Cougars program.

“I already took my official visit to BYU last year and loved it then,” said West. “The coaches asked me to come up again for the big recruit weekend, and I thought that would be a great idea so I did. Me and Scott [Huntsman] came and we’ve been having a great time.”

“I think before I was just kind of had my own perceptions about what things would be like,” said Huntsman. “Now that I’m out here it’s a lot more laid back than I thought it would be because I thought it would be much different. It’s just been awesome. It’s been really cool!

“More than anything the difference has been meeting the players and spending time with some of the coaches,” said Huntsman. “To be able to build that relationship up has been a lot of fun.”

The trip out to BYU has convinced Huntsman against taking up a recent scholarship offer to play for Tom Herman at Houston. Huntsman feels this trip solidified the fact that BYU is where he needs to be.

“Oh yeah definitely,” Huntsman said. “I think this trip has really solidified for both me and Charles [West] this is where we need to be. I’m excited to be a BYU Cougar.”

Along with Charles West and Huntsman, offensive lineman Keiffer Longson is also taking an unofficial visit. The highly recruited four-star recruit chose BYU over some of the top programs in the country. He joined West and Huntsman for their own activities yesterday.

“It was awesome and it’s been a dream come true,” Huntsman said. “I even found out that my mom is closely related to Bronco’s wife Holly. That was kind of cool. I never thought that I would ever get to play for a coach like Coach Mendenhall, but we’ve been out at his house riding horses and things like that. Charles, Keiffer, and I were all hanging out together [on Friday]. Keiffer is a great guy and really a cool kid.”

When Charles West came on his official visit he rode horses at Bronco Mendenhall’s house, so when he came back out that was one thing he was really looking forward to.

“When I was on my official visit to BYU back in October I went horseback riding at Coach Mendenhall’s house,” said West. “I just wanted to do it again, so I brought it up again for the second time around. I just wanted to get out there and ride horses! It was a blast being out there riding horses with Scott and Keiffer.”

It’s hard to picture Keiffer Longson, who comes in at 6-7 and 300 pounds, on the back of a horse. It’s hard to imagine what the horse was thinking when he saw Longson about to hop on.

“Well, I can tell you this,” said Charles West said with a laugh in his voice. “The horse didn’t fall down that’s all I can say!”

For West the second time around in Provo has been a very exciting experience for him even though he’s already been on out before. This time the difference has been meeting all of his future teammates.

“We got to meet all the new recruits,” West said. “That part was a lot different and lot of fun meeting at the 2015 recruiting class. I’m just waiting to get back up here to get my BYU college football career going! I’m just ready. I’m just excited to be up here and get my football legacy going. I’m up here in Provo again and that’s a good thing.”

For Huntsman he feels much the same.

“I was just expecting to come up and play football with a bunch of great guys in a great program at a great school,” said Huntsman. “It’s been a blast since I’ve been up here, but this time I get to hang out with all the recruits and my future teammates. I think that’s been the difference.”

Some recruits West has become close to, who are currently on campus now, are also from the state of Texas. One is wide receiver commit Micah Simon, and the other is corner back Trevor Brent who has been offered but has yet to commit.

“I’m really close to Micah Simon and Trevor Brent from West Mesquite High School, and I spoke to them and they’re really loving it up here,” West said. “Trevor said he’s really loving it up here but we’ll see where it goes from here. He told me that BYU was one of his tops though. I guess we’ll have to wait to find out.”

Both West and Huntsman played together at Coppell High School in Coppell, Texas. There is another BYU recruit by the name of Brandon Rice (2016 class) who has also been offered by BYU. With West and Huntsman now in the Cougar family, the chances that Rice, who will be the next running back star at Coppell, will commit to BYU are very high according to his teammates West and Huntsman.

“I think the chances are really high from what he told me,” said West. “He already likes the school and with my commitment and Scott coming that’s really big. I know he wants to be in an environment where he can succeed, and he knows BYU is a place where that could happen. I think BYU’s chances are really high that Brandon Rice comes to BYU next year.”

“I think the chances are really high, you know?” Huntsman said. “He’s got me and Charles already up here, so he’s got friends here and we’ll be making trips back home to Texas so we’ll see him. We’ll be all over him to come out here, and he already loves the program. I think the chances are really high that Brandon Rice comes out here to BYU for the next recruiting class.”

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