Dayan Lake Will Sign With BYU

One of the top recruits in the state of Utah, Dayan Lake had been committed to BYU for quite a while. However, as signing day approached, he wondered if his initial commitment to BYU was the right one. After an official visit to San Diego State University, and then an official to BYU this past weekend, Lake got confirmation that BYU is where he needed to be.

When one of BYU’s top commits decided to go back off his commitment and look around the Cougar fan base got a little nervous. Dayan Lake decommitted from BYU to take a trip to SDSU to see if the beaches and sunny weather of Southern California would be the right place for him.

“Well, I was going to choose between San Diego State and BYU,” said Lake. “I wanted to see what San Diego State had to offer so I took an official visit there.”

This past weekend he took an official visit to BYU. Lake was able to experience the differences between San Diego State University and BYU and it confirmed that BYU is where he needed to be.

“When I went this past weekend to BYU I just felt like I was home,” said Lake. “I was just so much happier and it just felt like this is where I needed to be. I’m already used to the coaches and most of the kids that are being recruited and will be on the team I’m already friends with. Guys like Riley Burt and Jeremiah Ieremia are my friends and I’ve known them for some time now. They were part of the influence that made me want to recommit, and I just felt like BYU was the better fit for me to make a better football player.”

Lake also knows that he’ll be playing some big time programs in the near future. BYU will face programs such as Nebraska, Michigan, UCLA, Arizona, West Virginia, and Michigan State on future schedules. He felt that the caliber of teams that BYU will play in the future will help him become a better player.

“I just took a look at the schedule BYU is playing in the future and the schedule SDSU is playing,” said Lake. “There’s nothing wrong with San Diego State, but I just looked at the level of competition the two schools are playing and the level of teams that BYU is competing with is different. I want to compete against the best out there.”

During his official visit to San Diego State, Dayan Lake received a firsthand understanding of what life would be like for a LDS athlete playing away from the comforts of home.

“When I went down to San Diego State I just didn’t feel like I fit in well with the guys that were down there,” Lake said. “There were guys from all over and I just didn’t feel like I fit in, even though I liked the coaches there. BYU’s coaches just know how I play and they’ve been recruiting me for a long time so they just knew me better. Part of the big decision as to why I recommitted to BYU was because of the type of people that will surround me.”

Lake was going to take an official to UNLV, Oregon State, and Arizona State, but he decided not to go feeling UNLV, Oregon State, and Arizona State might not be the type of environments he was looking for.

“I was going to take a visit to UNLV and Oregon State but I decided not to,” said Lake. “I only went down to San Diego State. I decided not to go to Arizona or UNLV because I didn’t feel like it was right. I just wanted to decide between BYU and San Diego State. In the end BYU is where I needed to be and it just felt like the right place for me.

“When I went down to San Diego State all the recruits kind of knew each other and were just chilling together. I was kind of by myself not really knowing anyone. There were some kids that I knew when I went down and played in the seven-on-seven tournaments and stuff, but, I don’t know, it just wasn’t the same. When I was on my BYU visit I just felt like I was home and I was much happier being around similar people.”

BYU defensive coordinator Nick Howell can now finally smile and rest easy knowing Lake will be a Cougar.

“Yeah, he can,” Lake said with a laugh in his voice.

Lake informed Coach Howell and Bronco Mendenhall Sunday that he was going to recommit to BYU and sign with the Cougars on Wednesday. Prior to returning home after the official recruit weekend he let the staff know of his wishes.

“Actually it was Sunday morning before I came back home,” said Lake. “I was talking to Coach Howell and told him that I felt BYU was the place where I needed to be. I just feel like I can succeed here. Then I talked to Coach Mendenhall after and told him that I wanted to recommit back to BYU. I just told him that I would announce it the next day. Coach Mendenhall told me that he was happy to have me here. They’ve been with me for a long time and he said it was a good experience for me to decommit so I could know the difference between other schools and BYU. He said it was a good thing so I would know.”

Now Lake knows that BYU is the place for him. He has many things in common with the coaching staff, current and future players on the team. BYU is also a place close to home and has an environment conducive to his personal life as a LDS athlete.

“BYU is close to home and my family can come watch me play,” said Lake. “Me and my coach made a list between the two schools and BYU just had more things that I wanted in a school. Being at BYU and playing with kids that have the same standards as me was important to me. It was something that I had to learn for myself but I got a good idea by experiencing that. I just have more in common with being here at BYU and it just felt right.”

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