BYU Announces 2015 Recruiting Class

Bronco Mendenhall, Geoff Martzen and the rest of the BYU coaching staff have signed, sealed, and delivered another outstanding recruiting class. The staff even signed a mountain of a man as part of the 2015 recruiting class as well.

Wednesday was the day that football players from all over the country could sign their national letters of intent to the school of their choice. BYU landed some 23 prospects that round up a very solid recruiting class.

The 2015 BYU Recruiting Class

During today’s press conference BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall mentioned there was a need for offensive linemen to come in and contribute to fill depth. The Cougars signed five offensive linemen as part of the 2015 class.

“As I look at this particular class we have needs at the offensive line and those are play first positions for freshman,” said Coach Mendenhall. “There are three freshman that could at least play first and fill those slots. That would fit in nicely with our rotation of offensive linemen that are coming and going on missions.”

Offensive Lineman

Demetrius Davis

Jacob Jimenez

Brady Christensen

J.J. Nwigwe

Keiffer Longson

BYU quarterback Christian Stewart will graduate from BYU this year leaving an already thin quarterback group, with Taysom Hill being a senior, in the fold. The BYU coaching staff went out and hauled in two outstanding gun slingers in Beau Hoge and Kody Wilstead.

“We certainly have quarterback back needs that we feel we met very, very well,” said Mendenhall. “As we not only have Kody Wilstead and Beau Hoge coming. Beau will be here but Kody will be going on his mission, and we have Tanner Mangum returning from his mission. So, we’re very comfortable with what we did at quarterback.”

BYU brought in three prep quarterbacks in the 2015 class but one, Micah Simon, will switch to play wide receiver at BYU.

“There is another player within our recruiting class in Micah Simon that played quarterback for a state championship team in Texas that we’re planning on playing him at wide receiver. When you watch his film you’ll notice that he’s playing quarterback really, really well as a dual-threat quarterback that has great speed. Quarterbacks

Beau Hoge

Kody Wilstead

In the offensive backfield the Cougar staff signed one prospect in Charles and received a transfer from Washington State in Squally Canada. There is a good chance Charles West could see some early playing time this year.

“At running back we’ve also added depth as well as talent when we consider now Squally Canada and Charles West,” said Mendenhall. “That handles the quarterback spot.”

Running Backs

Charles West

Squally Canada (WSU Transfer)

Two wide receivers were brought in this class. Micah Simon actually played quarterback for his high school, but the coaching staff feels his future is catching football instead of throwing them.

“At wide receiver, Akile Davis and Micah Simon,” said Mendenhall. “They do a nice job of filling in at that particular spot.”


Micah Simon

Akile Davis

BYU’s offense will be strong next season with the return of Taysom Hill and Jamaal Williams from injury. Turning to the defensive side of the ball, Coach Mendenhall talked about shoring up the defensive front.

“Really if you look offensively we have Taysom [Hill] coming back and Jamaal [Williams] coming back we have a strong offense returning,” Mendenhall said. “If you say what are needs are and what we accomplished defensively, there’s always a need to reinforce our [defensive] front, especially at nose tackle and nose tackle types that are fast, athletic, quick, and strong. The easiest to identify was Tevita Mounga who came from the same high school as Tyler Cook from a year ago. He’s about 330 pounds currently but he helps us at nose tackle.”

The Cougar staff signed two defensive linemen in David Lui and Tevita Mounga with Motekiai Langi possibly being the third if he works out well there.

Defensive Front

David Lui

Tevita Mounga

Motekiai Langi

“We’ve also added a nose tackle, well we’re not sure he’s a nose tackle yet, at 6-7, 410-pounds of an individual who doesn’t know the rules and has never played the game. We sent recruiters to Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, and New Zealand two years ago. Coach Kaufusi found Motekiai Langi while watching him play a pickup game of basketball since they don’t play football there. He was heavier then. He’s now a stealthy 410 but thought he was light on his feet and could play football.”

Motekiai Langi is currently in the MTC and will serve his mission in the state of Arizona. At 6-7, 410-pounds, Langi was the biggest surprise of the 2015 class. No pun intended here.

In the defensive secondary, the Cougars brought in two safeties and two cornerbacks for this class. One in Dayan Lake is one of the top cornerback’s in the west and will look to be a lock down corner for the boundary position.

“We have secondary help with not only Zayne Anderson but Trevor Brent, Riley Burt, and Eric Takenaka,” said Mendenhall. “We needed depth at those positions and with good players.”

Defensive Backs

CB Dayan Lake

CB Trevor Brent

S Eric Takenaka

DB Riley Burt

S Zayne Anderson

Riley Burt has mentioned more than once during interviews that he will play running back at BYU. However, Coach Mendenhall lumped him in with the defensive backs during today’s press conference.

There were four linebackers Coach Mendenhall and crew signed as the BYU coaching staff seeks to shore up the depth at all four linebacker positions in the their 3-4 defense.

“Then at linebacker which is the easiest position to recruit for us, and when you look at Devin Kaufusi, Jeremiah Ieremia, and Will Sedgwick, and then probably the most highly recruited of the entire class Mika Tafua who is a fantastic player we’ve addressed the need at linebacker” Mendenhall said. “I don’t think there’s a specific need that we did not meet.”


MLB Jeremiah Ieremia

OLB Devin Kaufusi

MLB Will Sedgwick

OLB Mika Tafua

Overall the 2015 recruiting class is strong from top to bottom. Geoff Martzen and the Cougar coaching staff turned in another strong recruiting class.

“What we are looking for is young, exceptional talent that belongs at BYU and qualify for BYU into existing holes that we have and move forward,” said Coach Mendenhall. “We always include the missionaries that have not been with our program yet. That’s something that we acknowledge as part of the class.”

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