2016 Introduction: Devron Davis

The Cougars had hoped to sign a junior college defensive back in the 2015 recruiting class to shore up the BYU secondary. Now it appears the BYU staff is once again looking for a JUCO cornerback to roam the Cougar secondary in the near future and one has been targeted early.

Merced College cornerback Devron Davis has already been targeted by the BYU coaches as a possible future cornerback prospect. BYU’s junior college recruiting guru, Garret Tujague, has been in contact with Davis and is showing early interest.

“I talked to Coach Garret Tujague and he told me that he wants me to come to junior day camp on June 5th,” said Davis. “He wants me to come meet some of the coaches and stuff like that. Right now we’re just basically getting to know each other between me and the coaches and stuff.”

The idea of heading out to BYU with the intent of becoming more familiar with what the program has to offer is something Davis is mulling over.

“I’m definitely wanting to go and meet the coaches and kind of get familiar with some of the players that are there. I do want to go up there and check things out and have a good time.

“I think the thing is right now is they’re just trying to get to know me. I think there is some heavy interest in me from the BYU coaching staff, but right now it’s more of a getting-to-know-you process. I think right now it’s just a mutual situation of just getting to know each other. We’ve been doing that for about a week or so now.”

An athlete with a wide range of skill sets, Davis isn’t just a cornerback for Merced College. He’s been given multiple tasks in the effort to help his team win. Those tasks include playing some running back while manning special team duties as well.

“I’m 6-0, 210-pounds and my most up to date forty time is a 4.45,” Davis said. “I consider myself to be a versatile cornerback. I feel like I can do anything the coaches ask of me. If my coach wants me to play man coverage, zone, or anything I feel I can do it.

“I play cornerback and I play running back and kick and punt return. I pretty much do a lot of things for my team. The one thing I do well is I try to help my other teammates get better. That’s one thing that I try and do as a player.”

Davis’ freshman performance as a cornerback yielded very good results. He’ll have one more year at Merced this year prior to moving on to the next level.

“I did really well this past season despite missing one game,” said Davis. “I had 33 tackles, four interceptions, three tackles for a loss, and two fumble recoveries. I’m a freshman and have one more year to play. I haven’t redshirted yet so I’ll have three years to play two at the next level.”

So as the recruiting process between Davis and BYU continues he is hoping that his efforts, character, and playing style are good enough to warrant a scholarship offer from BYU. Although it’s early in the process, Davis is hoping the staff will pull the trigger in the near future.

“Oh most definitely!” Davis said. “I would be a great day for me to see that happen. BYU has had some players come up through the JC ranks like Preston Hadley and others over there at BYU. He came up through the JC ranks and it’s always good to guys like that come up and do good things, so I’m most definitely interested in learning more about BYU and seeing where it goes. I’m just going to do my best, work hard and hope it comes.”

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