Keaton Torre Offered by BYU

Keaton Torre recently moved with his family from Edmond, Oklahoma to South Jordan, Utah, where he is expected to start at quarterback for Bingham High School. Although committed to Louisville, Torre and his family were invited down to BYU for a meeting with Bronco Mendenhall. What followed was a complete surprise.

It all started in Edmond, Oklahoma last fall where Keaton Torre was throwing the ball for Santa Fe High School. He threw for 1,527 yards and 10 touchdowns in 2014. He and his family recently moved out to Utah where he now attends Bingham High School.

“We moved out here for my dad’s job and I happen to be going to Bingham High School,” said Torre. “We moved from Edmond, Oklahoma.”

When Torre was in Oklahoma, he was rated by ESPN as the top signal caller in the state in the class of 2016. He’s also been rated as the ninth-best signal caller in the nation. He’s garnered interest from Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, Kansas, Kansas State, Illinois, Colorado, Purdue, and has committed to Louisville.

“I committed to Louisville last year about this time and they were one of my first offers,” Torre said. “I like what Coach Petrino and Coach McGee got going on down there. You know they’ve got a lot of solid recruits coming in for the 2015 class, and Coach Petrino is one of the masterminds of offenses today. I’ve been with their coaches from day one.”

BYU started showing large interest in recent months in the 6-foot-3, LDS quarterback, who’s originally from Las Vegas.

“It was kind of weird how I got in touch with Coach Beck,” said Torre. “I can’t remember who told me to get in touch with Coach Beck, so before I even moved down here I gave Coach Beck a call. We talked a little bit and kept in touch during that time.”

Last Week at BYU

Torre and his family were invited to come up to BYU last week to attend a basketball game. The BYU coaches greeted him and his parents on campus and showed them around.

“Last week I went up there for a basketball game to meet the coaches and stuff like that and to build a better relationship,” Torre said. “They met my parents and formed relationships with my parents. They walked around the campus with my parents just to get to know them. I thought that was pretty cool. I respect that a lot that they would show my parents as much respect as they’ve shown me.”


Moving forward to this Thursday of this week, Torre and his family were asked to come to BYU for another visit. Torre headed down to Provo for another visit with Bronco Mendenhall and Jason Beck. Like a week ago when he was visiting during the BYU basketball game, his family was with him.

“Today [Thursday] they want me to come back up, so we figured we would go back out to Provo to see what’s going on,” said Torre. “We’re supposed to go up there at 6:00 tonight.”

The question was asked ‘are you expecting a scholarship offer from BYU when you go?’

“I don’t know,” Torre said. “I don’t know if I’m expecting anything. I’m just expecting to get to know Coach Mendenhall and Coach Beck a little better and them getting to know my parents a little more and enjoy Provo. That’s pretty much about all I’m expecting really.”

‘If you were offered a scholarship how would that change things, given the fact you’re committed to Louisville?’

“That’s a good question,” Torre said. “I like BYU a lot and there’s no denying that. I like Coach Beck a lot and he’s such a great guy. I haven’t really gotten the chance to talk to Coach Mendenhall much given the time, but I like BYU a lot. It’s close to family and all my new friends. So, I definitely like it down there a lot. Now, obviously I still have a year of high school football left to play, so I guess I would just play it out and enjoy the process. I’m still committed to Louisville and want to make that clear, but I would be excited about it there’s no doubt about that.”

If BYU were to offer Torre on Thursday would he open things up and take in the process and do a compare and contrast of the programs to see what would be the best fit for him?

“I’m very open minded about it, yeah, so that’s a good way of putting it,” Torre said. “Like I said BYU is a great place and it’s close to family and friends, so I would definitely be open minded about it.”

Thursday night Torre and his family met with Coach Mendenhall in his office. After a visit and a conversation with Coach Mendenhall and Coach Beck in Mendenhall’s office, Torre received a BYU envelope with a paper inside to read.


Today, Torre spoke about the events that occurred yesterday in Bronco Mendenhall’s office. A surprised Torre recounted the way he was offered yesterday.

“It was pretty sweet man. It was pretty cool,” said Torre. “My parents and I went down there and Coach Beck greeted us outside. He talked with my parents and got to know them a little bit. We talked to the OC (Robert Anae) as well. Then Coach Mendenhall brought me and my parents into his office. He kind of just filled me in and is a big man with how your character is on and off the field, how you treat others, and how you are in the church. He just talked to me and my parents.

“Then a guy named Tyler came in. I think he’s a [Graduate Assistant] or something. He brought in a folder with a BYU logo on it. I thought it was just for Coach Mendenhall or something like that. We talked for another 30 minutes or so and then [Coach Mendenhall] handed me the folder. He told me to open it up so I did. It had my scholarship offer inside with an article that he wrote inside. It just pretty much said that I was receiving a full-ride scholarship offer to attend Brigham Young University. It talked about what the quarterback is to that school and just that sort of rundown. It was cool and I’ve never [been] offered like that. It was a cool experience.”

When Torre saw the envelope his heart began to race as he suspected that the folder might contain a scholarship offer after Mendenhall handed it to him.

“Well, I figured it was something like that when he handed me the folder,” said Torre. “It was really cool. I just started reading it and have just always been told that I have a scholarship or that I’m getting a scholarship offer. This time I got to read it and really see it on paper, so it was a little surreal. It was really a cool experience; it was really was.”

Now that Torre has a BYU scholarship offer firmly in hand, does the reality of the situation truly reflect his words spoken yesterday concerning how this changes his recruiting landscape? While Torre makes it clear he is still committed to Louisville he said it certainly does.

“Yeah, it will be interesting to see what I decide in the next couple of months,” said Torre. “I’m going to sit down with my family and it will be an ongoing process. You know as well as anybody else that it’s never over until you sign on the dotted line. This is an experience that comes around once in your life, so I’m going to enjoy it and have fun with it. I love Louisville and I want to make it clear that I’m still committed to them, but moving down here to the state of Utah and going to Bingham so many things can happen next year. It’s just good stuff and I’m excited. BYU is a high profile program and I’m just so excited, so I’m just going to go with it and see what happens. It’s exciting, I can tell you that much.”

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