McCoy Hill Excited to be QB1

With Taysom Hill still recovering from his leg injury, and really having nothing to prove during spring camp, McCoy Hill received a majority of the team reps on day one of spring camp. Hill will have the opportunity to run the BYU offense throughout spring ball.

The primary quarterback for spring camp will be McCoy Hill as Taysom Hill- no relation- continues to rehab from his season ending leg injury. McCoy Hill now has the reigns of BYU’s offense and is simply trying to make the most of it while he can.

“Personally it was about execution,” said Hill. “You know, to get out there the first day and complete a high percentage and be able to execute for the ones and then continue to do that with the twos and on down.”

Now the Hill is the primary quarterback for spring camp, he’ll be getting a lot of attention in the media and around campus. He’s simply looking forward to making the most of his opportunity.

“It’s good and it’s fun,” Hill said. “It’s been something that I’ve been waiting for a long time. I just hope to make the most of it.”

The 6’6”, 230-pound quarterback switched from playing tight end to quarterback last season, making him excited to work with quarterbacks coach Jason Beck.

“So I got to know Coach Beck really well when I was in high school while he was at Weber (State),” said Hill. “When I was on my mission I heard he got the job (at BYU) and I was really excited. I respect Coach Beck a lot and think he does really good stuff scheme-wise and he does a really good job getting us ready.”

Hill only started one season at quarterback for Jordan High School prior to coming to BYU as a tight end. Due to the lack of depth at the quarterback position last season, he was switched. Now Hill is back at the QB helm where he simply wants to instill trust in his players by performing at a high level.

“I think really the biggest thing is just showing confidence through myself and helping other guys see that, and the bottom line is just completing the ball, making sure that I’m executing at a high level and gaining the guys trust through doing that.”

“He had a pretty good first day. Not too bad,” said Jason Beck. “He threw the ball well and generally threw on time and accurate. He made good decisions. He has a good understand of the offense to communicate and get everyone lined up and do what we want them to do and execute it. So, he did a good job and had a pretty good first day.”

Cougar Cam: McCoy Hill

McCoy Hill talks about his preparation to play quarterback at BYU. Hill received the majority of the reps during day one of spring camp. He talks about his style of play, making the switch from tight end to quarterback, and much more.

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