Nick Kurtz Ready to Have Breakout Season

He was a highly recruited wide receiver and passed up numerous P5 schools to come to BYU. After a disappointing season last year recovering from a nagging foot injury, Nick Kurtz is back healthy, more polished within the offense, and ready to contribute.

Last season was supposed to be his coming out year as Nick Kurtz joined BYU’s prolific offense as a junior college transfer from Grossmont Junior College. It was going to be a uniting of two tall receivers with Kurtz, who comes in at 6’6”, with Mitch Mathews who is similar in height.

“Usually I’m at the Z-receiver but if guys go down and we start rotating and things like that,” Kurtz said. “My main position will be at the Z-receiver. Mitch will be at the X-receiver position so we’re going to get going with the twin towers. It’s time to get things started like we thought would happen last year. Plus, Mitch is my roommate so we’ve been talking about this a lot. We’re going to be the twin towers.”

For Kurtz, he’s raring to go and ready to begin making his mark on the program. No longer is he hampered by a nagging foot injury that kept him sidelined last season.

“It’s been good to for a long time now,” said Kurtz. “Maybe sometimes it’s a little sore but it’s not bad. I don’t even think about it when I’m out on the field.”

To prepare for spring camp, Kurtz used the down time he had rehabbing his foot to better understand the nuances of the offense, to become better conditioned, and to physically develop his body to handle the stresses of D1 football.

“We got our new trainer and he put us to work,” Kurtz said. “I feel faster, I feel stronger, and I’m just a lot more mentally aware than I was last year. This is kind of where the injury helped me because you kind of get that year to sit back and just learn from all the other guys. I’m expecting to do some good things this year.

“Last year I came in and Mitch and Ross were both hurt, and some of the guys like Cody had just left, so I came in with a lot of hype, expecting to do some good things. When I got out there I was a mess. Mentally I was not prepared. You see guys out there today who are JUCO or D1 transfers and you see how the speed of the game and playing at this level really affects them. After a while everything just slows down and you’re able to be a leader out there. Until then you’re just a mess trying to get caught up with the game, learning the offense, the altitude and everything.”

He also teamed up with Taysom Hill in the off-season to throw the ball around in order to develop further chemistry.

“In the off-season of course and we did as much work as we could,” said Kurtz. “He’s one of the strongest players on the team, you know, playing quarterback. He got some work in today too, and I’m sure he’s a little sore from throwing today. He got some good work in today.”

Now that Kurtz is fully acclimated within the program, and fully healthy as well, he hopes to have a breakout season. A season he was hoping for last year but never came.

“I’m going to have the best season that I can, and when the ball is in the air I’m going to go up with the mindset that it’s mine,” said Kurtz. “I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I’m going to fight for every ball I can. I want to have the best season I can and I’m ready to go. I’m ready to go out and get things done and have a great year this year.”

With Monday, March 2nd, being the first day of spring camp there surly were some jitters and rust among the performers. Kurtz feels the first day of spring camp actually wasn’t that bad.

“Overall I thought we did pretty well as an offense for the first day of spring camp,” said Kurtz. “Everyone was kind of running around with their heads cut off and everyone was screaming just because it was the first day of spring camp. Overall I think we did really well as an offense, especially given our quarterback situation. Overall I think we had a really good first day of spring camp.”

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