BYU Offers Dixie High School Running Back

The BYU coaching staff are out looking for top quality running backs to bolster BYU’s offense. They’ve offered Brandon Rice from Coppell, Texas, Wayne Taulapapa from Honolulu, Hawaii, and now they’ve offered Dixie High School's Tre Miller, who is excited about his offer from the Cougars.

Last Friday, Dixie High School (St. George, UT) prospect Tre Miller drove up from St. George to Provo, UT. The BYU coaching staff invited him and his family to visit BYU, so the Miller family packed up their things and headed north to Provo.

“They told us to come up and we could come up at either week and we chose to come up last Friday,” Miller said. “When we got up there we met with Coach (Paul) Tidwell. We took a tour and then we met with Coach Tidwell and Coach Mendenhall afterwards. That’s when they offered me.”

The offer from Bronco Mendenhall surprised the Miller family who were simply thinking this was a get to know you type of a visit. The scholarship offer was a real treat for the entire family who have cheered and supported BYU for many years.

“It really means a lot to me to get that offer from BYU,” said Miller. “Me and my family have always grown up watching BYU, so it was really neat to come up there to BYU. It was really exciting.

“The offer from BYU is really special to me. Not only was I excited but my entire family was excited for me. They were talking about how awesome it was to be there.”

With Tre in Coach Mendenhall’s office for the surprise scholarship offer was his mother and grandparents.

“My mom, my grandma, and my grandpa were with me in Coach Mendenhall’s office. My heart was pounding when he gave me that paper. When I started reading it I had the biggest smile on my face. We weren’t expecting it at all. It was just awesome! My grandpa is a huge BYU and Bronco Mendenhall fan. He was so excited. We were talking about it all the way home. It sure made the long trip back home a little easier.”

Coming in at around 6’1”, 215-pounds, Miller is a bigger back after the mold of current BYU Cougar Jamaal Williams.

“I’m 6-1, 215-pounds and I play running back,” said Miller. “I would say the greatest thing about my ability as a running back is my vision. I have really good vision and can make adjustments on the run. Then I would say my breakaway speed is also another ability that I have.”

He’s a big, physical, north-south runner very similar to Williams, and in fact, Williams just happens to be Millers all-time favorite BYU football player.

“My favorite all-time BYU football player in Jamaal Williams,” said Miller with a chuckle. “Yeah, he’s my favorite player. I met him when I was up there. I talked to him for a while and it was really cool. He’s really a cool guy.”

Although he didn’t run track last season, Miller is going to run track this season, which will help his speed even more on the football field. He averaged nine yards per carry during the 2014 season. He totalled over 2,000 all-purpose yards for the Dixie Flyers.

“I had a good season last year and ran for 1,516 rushing yards on around 160 carries and 17 rushing touchdowns,” Miller said. “I also had 431 receiving yards and four receiving touchdowns.”

Miller also had 286 yards in kick returns giving him a total of 2,232 all-purpose yards on the season.

A member of the LDS faith, Miller is planning on serving a two-year mission following high school.

“Yeah, my family is LDS and I plan on serving a mission,” he said. “I plan on going after high school.”

In the meantime Miller will enjoy his new scholarship offer from his favorite college football program, BYU. In time he get down on bended knees and ask his Heavenly Father for direction when the time is right.

“I’m going to take my time and visit other schools during the summer, and then when the time comes I’m going to pray about it,” Miller said. “I think that’s how I’m going to handle this. I just want to make sure I make the right choice.”

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