BYU Hoops Eyeing North Carolina Sharpshooter

BYU has identified a long, lean sharpshooter in North Carolina that they believe could potentially be the next great BYU wing. Wes Morgan is only a sophomore in high school right now but is already drawing rave reviews for his ability to shoot the ball from anywhere on the court. He's hoping BYU might the school for him to play for at the next level.

Wes Morgan is a name that many BYU fans that are on Twitter have become familiar with. The 6’6”, 175-pound sophomore wing form Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte, North Carolina. Morgan’s high school team is set to play in the North Carolina 4A State Championship Game tomorrow night. Ardrey Kell is 28-1 on the year and riding a 27 game winning streak heading into tomorrow’s championship game. They are the number-one ranked team in the state of North Carolina and ranked 39th in the country. Morgan may only be a sophomore but it doesn’t mean he’s being ignored on the recruiting trail.

“I am being recruited by Iowa, Notre Dame, Virginia, Ole Miss, Stanford, James Madison, Grand Canyon, Georgia, West Virginia, Baylor, Xavier, Creighton, Richmond, Loyola Maryland, St. Joseph’s, Oregon State, Liberty, and BYU,” Said Morgan. “There’s nearly 30 schools overall. It’s hard to recall all of them off the top of my head.”

Morgan comes off the bench for Ardrey Kell but knows his role and aims to perform at a high level when called upon.

“I am a sophomore on a team that has seven seniors, three of which are division one players,” Said Morgan. “Our coach is very senior oriented. I know my role but I play my hardest when I come off the bench and get into the games.”

Morgan stated that BYU is showing him the most love on the recruiting front. BYU assistant coach Tim LaComb has been heading up Morgan’s recruitment for BYU and the two have built a good relationship.

“Coach LaComb is my primary recruiter,” Morgan said. “I’m not exactly sure how he discovered me but he may have seen me play in person and then contacted one of my coaches. He saw more film and then I got his cell number and gave him a call. We started building a relationship [from there]. We talk two-to-three times a week and the hope is that they will offer me a scholarship in the next month or two.”

Even though Wes grew up on the East Coast, he’s been watching BYU for years and patterned his game after BYU legend Jimmer Fredette.

“I love the BYU Cougars,” Stated Morgan. “I have watched them play for years now. I loved watching Jimmer Fredette play and I always patterned my game after him growing up. I shoot like him but I have more height at 6’6” and still growing. I watch them all the time now to study their system. It’s a system that requires great shooters and that’s the way I play. It’s the type of system I want to play in, where they get up and down the court, shoot a lot of three-pointers, and look for the open shooters primarily.”

Morgan may only be a sophomore but he busted onto the scene as a high school freshman last year, averaging 24 points per game, 6 rebounds, and 2 assists. He broke Ardrey Kell’s freshman scoring record w/ nearly 400 points during the 2013-14 season and shot and incredible 60% from the three-point line. He was slowed this season due to a severe high ankle sprain but connected on four three-pointers in just seven minutes of play in his first game back from injury.

Standing a 6’6” and still growing, one would think that Morgan might be more prone to playing the paint. Morgan said he prefers playing on the wing but isn’t afraid to use his height to his advantage when the situation requires it.

“I can play in the paint but I don’t normally post up,” Said Morgan. “I will move to paint when I see an advantage or a mismatch and back my guy down for a layup or easy bucket rather than settling for a jumper. I can do everything [on the basketball court] with my left and right hands, which allows me to have more of an advantage. The only thing I can’t do is throw a football or baseball left-handed.”

When asked, Morgan said that BYU plans to play him on the wing at either shooting guard or small forward. He’s expected to grow to 6’8” before he’s done growing and added that his height may play a factor in which position he ultimately ends up playing at BYU.

Tim LaComb was supposed to visit North Carolina this season to watch Morgan play but had his trips scuttled due to inclement weather or conflicting schedules. Morgan said that BYU head coach Dave Rose will be making the trek to see him play later this spring/summer when he suits up for Team Loaded North Carolina on the AAU circuit.

“Coach (Dave) Rose loves what he has heard about from Coach LaComb about me,” Morgan mentioned. “They are going to come see play in the Adidas Gauntlet Circuit later this year.”

When asked, Morgan mentioned he’d like to make an unofficial visit to BYU in the near future.

“I am hoping to visit BYU at some point in the near future,” said Morgan. “If I don’t get out there on an unofficial visit I will definitely go on an official visit during my senior year.”

Being a native of North Carolina, one would think Morgan may be inclined to stay home and hope to play for one of the teams along the famed “Tobacco Road.” Not so, said Morgan. He would rather play out-of-state than remain in North Carolina.

Morgan has seen the passion of the BYU fan base and enjoys all the love that is being showered upon him by Cougar fans.

“BYU fans have been showing me a ton of love,” Said Morgan. “I have gotten close to 500 new followers on twitter, [mainly BYU fans], who tell me all the time that they want to see me play at BYU. I love the attention and they are a great, passionate fan base. I love them.”

Morgan has yet to receive his first scholarship offer but has hopes that BYU will be the first to extend an offer.

“I have no scholarship offers right now but I expect offers will start coming in in the next month,” Said Morgan. “The hope is that BYU will be one of, if not the, first school to offer me. BYU is showing the most interest out of all the schools recruiting me by far.”

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