Blackmon Eager for Breakout Season

Wide receiver Devon Blackmon is excited about his senior season at BYU. With an additional year under his belt, Blackmon is comfortable and well versed within the Cougar offense. He’s ready to contribute and make his name known as part of this year’s offense.

Devon Blackmon is one of the fastest players on BYU’s football roster. The 6’1”, 185-pound speedster is working his way through spring camp, showing not only the BYU offensive coaches what he can do but his teammates as well.

“I’m just trying to show the team what I can do and what I know I can do,” said Blackmon. “Now it’s time to go out and demonstrate it. It’s been a long time coming and now it’s all coming together.

“When the ball’s in the air I’m going to go get it. That’s kind of how I’ve been since I was little and running track. There’s not too many guys that are faster than me.”

BYU wide receivers coach Guy Holliday will be looking for an eight man rotation to be ready to go. Mitch Mathews and Nick Kurtz will be stationed at the outside receiver positions. Blackmon is currently running behind Mathews at the Z-receiver position but hopes that his role will widen as time goes on.

“I’m playing the Z-receiver position, but I’m in Coach Anae’s ear every day about playing the slot,” said Blackmon. “I’m talking to him about giving me the reverse sweeps, sweeps, bubble screens and getting the ball in my hands. That’s my specialty, getting the ball in my hands and he’s working on it.”

Last season Blackmon struggled acclimating to the BYU offense. He insists that this year that’s not the case, so the offensive coaches have him on the outside in an effort to not only use his speed but to become more rounded within the offense.

“They just want me to show them that I can work the outside receiver position really well first, and that I can play other positions first,” said Blackmon. “Over spring camp I’m just showing them that I know the outside, and that I can be a leader and contribute on the outside then move into the slot. That way I can play both positions. They do have things for me in the slot though.

“I know the offense really well. I feel comfortable playing within it, and because I know the offense well I feel that I’m faster. I feel good about things even better than last year. I’m not thinking as much as I was and now I can just play. When you get to that level it’s all about going out there and playing, having fun, and making plays. Everything is coming along. Now it’s just my job to keep going out there and keep working. When things come my way I just need to be ready for it.”

While Blackmon is honing his receiver skills to be more included within the BYU passing game for his final season of college football, he hopes to be able to contribute in a big way. When he’s not on the field he wants to be a leader and help encourage those that are out on the field become successful.

“You know, I just really want to accomplish winning and win every game as a team,” said Blackmon. “I just want to help the team win. That’s my first priority. Secondly, I just want to contribute to the team. Every time my number is called its six points, so I want to contribute to the team as best I can. Every time my number is called it’s a big play. Then when the younger guys are in I want to encourage them to be the best, so when I’m in I want to make sure they know my name. When the younger guys are in I want to encourage them to do their best.

“I feel like it is because we’re all close together. Last year was kind of a weird year for us but this year is a lot better. We’re all just really close and we all want to see each other do [well]. All of us are doing good and balling out there this year. That’s what I want to see from us, just go out and dominate no matter who is out on the field.”

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