Jones Enamored After BYU Visit

Just across the street from BYU at Provo High School is a 2017 wide receiver prospect BYU wide recievers coach Guy Holliday has already set his sights on. The receiver recently visited BYU and hopes to attend BYU camp related activities in the near future.

Ty Jones is a student athlete at Provo High School, and although he’s still in his sophomore year he’s already blipping on recruiting radars. Recently he was on BYU’s campus for an unofficial visit.

“I really didn’t know much about BYU to be honest until I took a visit on campus,” said Jones. “I was really impressed with the facilities and they’re really nice coaches. It was a good experience for me.”

Although BYU is just a hop, skip, and a jump away, Jones didn’t know much about the world’s largest private university located across the road. Needless to say, he was impressed with what he discovered.

“Yeah, our school isn’t that great and it wasn’t until one of our coaches, Coach T who is one of my relatives, helped me out and got in touch with one of the coaches there,” said Jones. “I’m really impressed with their academics because they have really good academics there. The coaching staff is just awesome because they welcomed me with open arms there, and I love Coach Holliday and he’s a great guy to talk to. He’s from out of state and you can tell. I want to go back, and I’m pretty excited to see more of the campus, because I only saw the football facilities. I met three or four of the players there when I was on campus and it was pretty sweet. I’m just really excited about BYU in general, and my family likes BYU a lot as well.”

The rise to being discovered all started when Jones attended a seven-on-seven camp in Las Vegas.

“I went to Las Vegas for a seven-on-seven and I talked to an Army All-American Bowl scout that was there,” said Jones. “There was other scouts there talking to me. Coach Holliday found out about it and invited me on campus. I’m pretty sure Coach Holliday loves me.”

Coming in at 6’3”, and currently running a 4.6 forty, Jones still has two more years of high school football to grow and develop. He’s a prospect BYU coaches are looking at and seeing a lot of untapped potential and therefore want to get an early jump on recruiting him.

“I’m 6-3, 180-pounds, and play outside wide receiver,” Jones said. “The coaches at Provo think they might put me at safety too this next year, but right now I’m focusing on my speed. I run a 4.6 and I’m trying to get it down to a 4.5 before the season. I’m a lot better at running the ball now, a lot better than last year. I’m also really good at jump balls. I got second in the high jump last year as a freshman at the state finals. [Going for] jump balls is one of my best traits as a receiver but I should be a lot faster and really good with the ball this next year.”

Last season Jones’ stats were modest for a sophomore playing on a high school football team that struggled. He recorded 16 receptions for 270 yards and four touchdowns. Still, BYU is looking at his potential. If the local university offered him it would be the end result of a dream of his to play D1 football.

“I’m a 2017 recruit,” Jones said. “If I got an offer from BYU that would be great for me because getting a scholarship has always been a dream of mine. Also it would make it really easy on my mom because I know we’re not a wealthy family. It would just be a dream come true really to be able to go and play D1 football.

“BYU… that’s all I hear in the hallways these days, so I already know people would love me if I went there,” said Jones with a laugh. “Coach Holliday is a nice guy and is from out of state and could talk to him more than the other coaches because we have things in common. I really love Coach Holliday.”

When it comes to a possible offer from BYU, Jones is excited about the possibilities of that becoming a future reality.

“I think they’ll be offering me in the near future,” said Jones. “That’s kind of the feeling I get. I actually think they might have offered me on the visit if I had passed the NCAA Clearinghouse. I plan on going to their junior day this year and I’m trying to figure out what other camps they have at BYU, but I want to try and go to some of their other camps as well.”

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