Dallin Pili Eager for BYU Offer

The BYU coaching staff is recruiting a few prospects from Westlake High School. One is Chaz Ah You, who the staff has offered, and the other is Noah Caron, who hasn’t been offered yet. A third prospect has blipped on the Cougar radar but this one has a familiar last name BYU fans are all too familiar with.

BYU fans are all too familiar with the last name of Pili. They remember when Thor Pili and Jo Jo Pili, the sons of Solomone Pili who also played at BYU, and currently Trajan Pili, who is on a mission. The BYU coaching staff recently offered Keenan Pili as well. Now there is another member of the Pili family on the Cougar radar and his name is Dallin Pili and he plays middle linebacker at Westlake High School in Saratoga Springs, UT.

“Thor is my brother and Keenan and Trajan are my first cousins,” said Dallin Pili. “JoJo is also my older brother. I’m last of the Pili boys in my family.

“I’m 6-1 and I’m almost to 225 right now. I’m a junior now and have one more year of high school football to play. I plan on going to some camps. Last year I went to a lot of the Rivals and NTC camps, but I’m not going to do those any more. I’m going to go to the All Poly Camp and BYU’s and Utah. I’m going to go to their junior days and one day camps. I also plan on taking some more unofficial visits as well.”

Pili played both outside and inside linebacker for Westlake in 2014. Next year for his senior season, he’ll be going both ways as a middle linebacker and as a running back.

“I play middle linebacker but last year I played outside linebacker because they wanted me to play off the edge a little bit,” Pili said. “This year I’ll be moving back to the middle. My sophomore year I played middle linebacker as well as my freshman year. This year I’m looking forward to being back in the middle and they also have new plans for me to run the ball on the offensive side as well. I’m super excited and super nervous. It’s going to be something new.”

Not long ago, Dallin Pili drove down to Provo to take in BYU spring practice. Invited by Paul Tidwell, Pili came down with a few of his Westlake High School football teammates to check things out.

“I was down there for their practice and had the opportunity to attend their meetings and see what that was like,” said Pili. “I was able to see the tempo and speed of their practice. It was really good.

“Coach Tidwell comes down to Westlake High School to say hi to the boys. He came down to say hi to Chaz [Ah You] and Coach Tidwell wanted to see me there too, so me and Chaz Ah You went down to see their position meetings and team meetings. I think there were six boys from Westlake that came down to watch BYU’s practice. We got to get the whole feel for that and it was good.”

Pili has been talking to Coach Tidwell and the BYU staff since the beginning of last season. He’s hoping sometime soon he’ll get a call from Bronco Mendenhall and that could lead to something special.

“I’ve been talking to them a lot since the beginning of the season. I’m hoping to pull an offer from them and that would be awesome,” said Pili. “I sent them my film and hoping everything works out. I’m just working hard and trying to become the best I can be so hopefully that will happen.”

Pili is keeping his fingers crossed. BYU is taking a hard look at him and is hoping the staff will pull the scholarship offer trigger.

“They are showing a lot of interest in me, and Coach Tidwell talked to me after the practice I attended, but I didn’t realize how long practice was going to be and I had to get back,” said Pili. “I don’t know what he had to say but I’m hoping it is good news. It would be a great day for me to get an offer from BYU.”

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