Colby Jorgensen Eager to Play Linebacker

He was a highly recruited tight end prospect out of Timpview High School prior to serving an LDS mission. Colby Jorgensen was also one of the top SPARQ performers his senior year of high school, turning in a score that topped Reggie Bush’s. Towards the end of spring camp Jorgensen was switched from offense to defense.

From pass catcher to defensive tackler, Colby Jorgensen will now be groomed at the outside linebacker position in Bronco Mendenhall’s defense.

“Well ever since Bronco recruited me, it’s been one of his fantasies was to have me play outside linebacker,” said Jorgensen. “He’s always thought that I fit that bill in the 3-4 defense, and I played some defensive end in high school, so a lot of it kind of came back in the one practice that I had.”

The position Coach Mendenhall wants Jorgensen to play is the Sam linebacker position, which is loaded with talent. Fred Warner and Troy Hinds are a just a couple players currently being groomed there. Jorgensen will have to play catchup.

“They want me at Sam linebacker,” said Jorgensen. “That’s what I was told because they want me to rush the passer and drop into coverage and all that good stuff. I’m looking forward to it.

“I definitely need to stick around Fred Warner and Sae [Tautu] knows a lot. Then Troy Hinds will also be there to help out as well, so I’ll be sticking around those guys a lot over the off-season and asking them a lot of questions about the defense and playing the Sam linebacker position.”

The tight end position simply didn’t work out well for Jorgensen who is stands 6-foot-7 and around 230-pounds. He feels he’s shaken off the rust from serving a mission to Calgary, Canada and is now getting his mindset right for playing on the defensive side of the ball.

“I got all the rust shaken off from last year,” Jorgensen said. “The mindset that I had has now changed from catching passes as a tight end to making tackles as an outside linebacker. My mentality has switched pretty quickly. When you put on the white jersey and you’re on the other side of the ball you know you have to bring the physicality. You have to be physical to survive.”

Now that he’s been switched to the defensive side of the ball, his goal over the off-season is to add a few more pounds while continuing to learn the Sam linebacker position.

“I’m excited for the off-season to try and put on some weight,” said Jorgensen. “I’m looking forward working out and trying to get myself ready for my new position during the off-season. I want to try and learn as much as I can about the outside linebacker position as I can. My goal in the off-season is gain about 15-pounds.

“I’ve only had one practice at the outside linebacker position. I have to learn the defense and learn all the calls. I’ll be studying a lot this off-season and trying to put a few more rocks of knowledge in my pocket. That’s really about it.”

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