Blackmon Recounts Spring Ball for BYU

Former Oregon athlete & JUCO college transfer Devon Blackmon saw limited time last season playing for BYU as he adjusted to the team & offense. This year, the speedy senior wide out is looking to make more of an impact in BYU’s offense.

During spring camp, BYU’s offense got rolling once Christian Stewart put his helmet back on and entered the ring for one last go-round as a Cougar. One receiver that seemed to improve much over spring was senior wide out Devon Blackmon, who had a great performance at LaVell Edwards Stadium to close out spring ball.

“What I took away from it all was I wanted to catch everything,” Blackmon said. “I just tried to be focus, relax, and play my game. I had my pops out here and my uncle, so I wanted to give a good show so they could go back home and talk about it.”

The success of BYU’s offense this up and coming season will hinge upon the recovery of senior quarterback, and Heisman candidate, Taysom Hill. Despite Hill’s absence in team drills- being relegated to running skeleton drills- Blackmon believed this past spring performance by the offense was one of the best he’s ever been a part of at any program.

“I want the fans to take away from this last spring experience that they can be more confident in the BYU offense,” Blackmon said. “We had been working hard all spring and now we’re looking to work hard in the off-season. This past spring was one of the best spring camps that I’ve been to and I came from Oregon. I feel like this year is going to be our year.”

Now that it’s the off-season, Blackmon has a few goals in mind to further improve his ability to explode off the line of scrimmage. His first priority is to work on ridding himself of what is called a “false step” or an unnecessary step at the start of his route.

“I want to keep working hard and keep working on my hands,” said Blackmon. “I also need to keep working on my false step. When I’m coming off the line in my explosion I’m taking a false step, so I’m just trying to fix that so I can just explode.”

Nick Kurtz and Mitch Mathews, otherwise known as the “Twin Towers”, play both the Z-receiver and X-receiver positions. This group of receivers could be one of the more talented at BYU in years.

“We’ve got a lot of talent,” Blackmon said. “We’ve got Nick Kurtz, Kurt Henderson, Mitch Mathews, and me. We’re just pushing each other every day, you know? We’re just trying to push each other every day. Nick and Mitch are big guys and big targets that are going to catch everything. I’m the shifty and fast guy that when I get the ball in my hands I can do what I do. We’re just making each other compete in every way possible and making each other accountable.”

Blackmon is second on the outside behind Mitch Mathews. However, because of his speed, one has to think Robert Anae has more plans for him to be used in various packages within the offensive scheme. It’s a situation Blackmon kept close to the vest and didn’t want to give much away.

“Yeah, we hope so. We hope so,” said Blackmon with a laugh. “I can’t give away all our juice! I hope so because it’s been five years since I’ve been on the field. It’s all God’s timing, so we’ll see. This year feels good though.

“I think I add energy, explosiveness, and I’m very dynamic with the ball in my hands. I can line up at any position. I can turn a hitch to a house call. We’re just taking it one day at a time, and I’m just working on myself to get better.”

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