Morgan to Carry on Family Legacy at BYU?

BYU fans fondly remember the play that sealed the deal for BYU in the 1997 Cotton Bowl game on New Year's Day that featured BYU against Kansas State. Cougar cornerback Omarr Morgan jumped a route and intercepted a pass on the five yard line, giving BYU the win. Recently, BYU offered his son a scholarship to potentially carry on the family legacy at BYU.

BYU fans might remember Omarr Morgan who was nicknamed “The Blanket” while playing at BYU. Omarr Morgan was a First Team All-WAC performer who locked down one side of the field as a cornerback. Skip forward nearly 20 years and Morgan now has a son named Jaylen Morgan, who is currently a junior at Hawthorne High School in Hawthorne, CA. Recently BYU offered him a scholarship.

“I was really excited about the offer from BYU,” said Jaylen Morgan. “BYU was one of the schools that I was hoping would offer me and they did. I’m really excited about it. My dad played at BYU back in the 90’s and made a name for himself. He played cornerback and his name is Omarr Morgan, but I want to leave a bigger mark than my dad did.”

When Jaylen’s father Omarr played at BYU, he came in at around 5-10, 170-pounds. Omarr’s son Jaylen is a little taller and is excited about the offer he received from his father’s alma mater BYU.

“I’m 6-0 even and around 174-pounds,” Morgan said. “I play for Hawthorne High School. Coach Howell is the one recruiting me and I’m really excited about the fact that the same school my dad went to is now recruiting me. The offer from BYU is a big one for me, and that was one of the schools that I wanted because my dad went there.”

While attending BYU back in the mid 90’s, Omarr Morgan recorded a 4.37 forty yard dash. His son Jaylen seems to also be blessed with his father’s speed and not only plays football but also runs track.

“I have good recovery speed and I can jam on the line really well,” Morgan said. “I don’t want to brag about myself too much but I’m usually faster than everyone else I go up again. I ran a 10.6 in the 100 meters. It was kind of a funny story because some of the guys that I was going up against were talking trash to me before the race. When we started to race I beat them [so thoroughly] that I finished the race back-pedaling. They didn’t say anything after that. It’s kind of a funny story because I back-pedaled across the finish line.”

Nick Howell had called up Omarr Morgan and mentioned to him that BYU was interested in his son. It wasn’t long after that conversation that BYU offered Jaylen Morgan a scholarship and a time in which father was able to talk to his son about BYU and what it’s like to play there.

“Yeah, he told me about BYU,” said Jaylen Morgan. “He talked to me about the honor code and what it’s like there. He was excited that I got the offer from BYU, and he talked to me about how he played for a legendary coach [Lavell Edwards] and things like that. I watched some of his highlights and saw when he made the interception on the five yard line to win the [Cotton Bowl] game. If I go to BYU, I’m going to make everyone forget about him and remember me. I want to leave my own mark and be better than my dad was. That’s what I want to do.”

So is BYU a serious option for Jaylen Morgan? He says it is.

“Oh yeah,” he said quickly. “BYU is because that’s where my dad played and is one of my top schools. I’m really excited that Coach Howell offered me the scholarship to play there. BYU is a real option for me for sure. Yeah, it is for sure and if I go there I’m going to try and do some great things.”

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