Bolles Explains Opening Up Recruitment

Snow College left tackle Garett Bolles committed to BYU last November. Following his commitment to BYU, his recruiting blew up and many other schools saw what BYU’s coaches knew long before anyone else: Garret Bolles is a talented offensive tackle. Bolles recently decided open up his recruitment and will now go through the recruiting process.

After receiving a scholarship offer from BYU last fall, Garett Bolles decided to commit to BYU; a school that courted him while he was playing football in Westlake High School. A non-qualifier out of high school, Bolles was encouraged to attend Snow College by the BYU coaching staff with the intent of recruiting him at a future time, which the staff did and he subsequently committed. However, earlier this week Bolles decommitted from BYU.

“I actually decommitted from BYU about [four] days ago,” Bolles said. “I love BYU. I have nothing against BYU at all. They have a great coaching staff and there are a lot of great things about BYU. Me decommitting is just honestly something I felt I needed to do, you know? I sat down with my family and my coaching staff [at Snow] and just want to go through the process the right way. Then when I go to that school, I can give it a 110 percent effort.”

At this time in Bolles life he simply feels he needs to open up the process in order to know that his final choice is the right one. However, BYU is still a school Bolles considers to be one of his top choices and his relationship with BYU’s offensive line coach Garret Tujague is solid.

“Oh absolutely!” Bolles said. “BYU is a great place and me and Coach Tujague have a great relationship. You know again I have nothing against BYU or anything like that. I love BYU and it’s a great school. It’s just I feel at this time in my life I feel like I need to open my options and go through the recruiting process the right way, so when I go I can give that school 110 percent and what they need to win games.”

With BYU not out of the picture, Bolles could still potentially end up signing with BYU.

“Oh yeah I could,” he said. “But right now I’m not going to say anything about where I’m going to go or anything like that until I go through the process. I really just feel like this is something I need to do in order for me to get to where I need to be in the next couple of months.”

Bolles wants to take a thorough look at his options then offer up many prayers in an effort to know which school is the right decision for him. He wants to arm himself with as much information prior to making a final decision.

“You know, definitely lots of prayer will go into this,” Bolles said. “I’ll also talk to my family and coaches and get their opinions and stuff like that. You know, at the end of the day it’s not about where I want or need to go. It’s about what I feel is right in my heart, but right now I just want to enjoy the recruiting process. I’m going to enjoy meeting new coaches that I talk to from the big time schools. You know it’s just hard for them to be able to share their concerns just to move forward.”

As of right now he doesn’t have a complete list of his top five colleges. However, he’s close and feels that around August he should know which schools he’ll take official visits to.

“I’m getting there,” Bolles said. “I don’t have it right now. Probably in the next couple of months I’ll have my top five schools that I want to go visit because that’s what I feel like I need to do. When that time comes I’ll have my top five probably sometime by August or, you know, going into this fall. I’ll be taking my trips in the fall so before fall I’ll know what schools I want to visit. Then I’ll make my decision on what schools I want to visit.” will continue to track Garett Bolles recruiting progress and report his decisions. Bolles did say that BYU was still in the picture and that he loves BYU. At this time in his life he simply feels he needs to go through the recruiting process in order to know that his final decision is the right one.

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