Christian Stewart Sets Off to New Life

Bronco Mendenhall often said that this past spring was one of the best he had ever been a part of at BYU. The return of an experienced Christian Stewart, subbing for Taysom Hill, played a bit part of that. However, the success of this past spring could hinge more upon the fact that Stewart played his best football allowing for greater success. He explains the secret behind his spring success.

The heroics of Christian Stewart coming back to practice for one last spring is well-documented. The offense was able to progress much further with him due to an interesting twist in the dynamics of it all.

“Playing this past spring was nothing like I had ever experienced before in my life of playing football,” said Stewart. “There was absolutely no pressure on me, and I think that really allowed me to just have a lot of fun and go out and make plays. I mean there was no pressure on me at all and that allowed to me play some of my best football ever.”

The phrase, ‘Choking under pressure” is an expression often used when referring to someone performing more poorly than expected given the skill level attained. Stewart believes the lack of pressure placed upon his shoulders allowed him to perform at a much higher level for that very reason.

“I would love to see some kind of scientific studies done on people playing sports with no pressure as opposed to playing with pressure,” Stewart said. “Because I had no pressure on me I played my best football because I didn’t care. I went out there and just played my hardest, but if I made a mistake I didn’t care. I had the mindset that if I threw a pick it didn’t matter, so I went out there not worrying if I was going to throw a pick or not I wouldn’t throw one. I just wasn’t thinking about it so I wouldn’t do it.”

While Stewart did care about the success of the team, which is why he put his life on hold to come back for one last run, he simply wasn’t worried about the consequences of his personal performance. He still demanded much from his teammates and made a great effort to try and set the bar for how the offense is supposed to function in the future when he is no longer a part of it.

“I was really happy to come back and play one more time to try and set the stage and help the offense know what to expect out of the offense this year,” Stewart said. “It’s just like a company. If you don’t have a CEO that is demanding of you then the company is just going to go every which way. It’s kind of the same with the quarterback.

“[The quarterback] has to come out and take charge out there and run the offense like it’s supposed to be run. I’m glad I was able to come back, take the knowledge of what I learned last year, and really help our team and offense develop to the point where I believe they will win lots of games [in 2015]. I think we can compete and win a lot of games this year.”

Stewart not only helped the program in a time of dire need but he set the stage for Taysom Hill to jump right in and continue working with an offense that had been running at a high level. BYU’s success this season could very well be placed in part at the feet of Stewart’s heroics this past spring. However, much of those heroics will have been long forgotten. He’s just happy he had that one opportunity to play with his former teammates one last time.

“I’ll put it like this,” Stewart said. “I was walking out of the locker room and someone was like, ‘It’s your last time out Stew, does it felt like a dagger in the heart?’ I was like, ‘No, it’s icing on the cake and it’s all a matter of perspective for me. It was just one more time that I got a chance to participate in playing the game that I love. I’m just really happy that I had the chance to come out one more day, so I’m not sad at all.’

“It was just great being out there chucking the ball around one more time with the boys. Being out there for one last spring with the guys one last time made me feel lucky. I’m sure all the past players that had gone before me wish they could have had one more spring to play with the guys. Now that it’s all over I’m just blessed that I had that one last chance to do so.”

Stewart had put off much to play one last spring camp for his Alma Mater’s football program. He set aside much of his life to help his teammates progress, but for the happy-go-lucky Christian Stewart, it was all worth the sacrifice.

“A little bit as far as taking the GMAT,” Stewart said. “I would have liked to have taking it a little sooner, but I couldn’t because of helping the team with football and school stuff building up I wasn’t able to get the studying done that I wanted done. It’s fine though and definitely a sacrifice I was willing to take.”

Now that Stewart has moved on from slinging footballs around the field for BYU, he is now preparing to take the GMAT at the end of this month. He’ll then marry the love of his life and move to San Francisco to begin his career and set off into the sunset.

“Well, I’m going to take the GMAT at the end of May, get married at the beginning of June, move to San Francisco and begin working in July,” Stewart said. “That’s kind of how I’m going to start my life.”

Happy trails and best wishes to Christian Stewart from us at Total Blue Sports as he begins the next chapter in his life.

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