BYU Latest to Offer Rambo

Guy Holliday is on the march in the Lone Star State looking for primetime pass catchers to come to BYU and be mentored under his tutelage. The staff believes they found just a prospect in the 2017 recruiting class and extended an offer to him over the weekend.

BYU has offered a speedy, four star wide receiver Charleston Rambo from Dallas, Texas over the weekend. Rambo stars at wide reciever for Woodrow Wilson High School.

“I’m 6-2, 166-pounds,” Rambo said. “I run a 4.5 in the forty and had 33 catches for 760 yards and 11 touchdowns last season. I had some big plays last season.”

BYU wide receivers coach Guy Holliday has been the one recruiting Rambo. Holliday has made a few trips down to the Dallas area to watch and evaluate Rambo as a student-athlete with high character. In the end Coach Holliday felt Rambo was worthy of a BYU scholarship offer.

“Well first off my GPA is a 3.5 and I do well in the classroom,” Rambo said. “I’m always making plays on the field and making an impact on the team. BYU has been recruiting me for about a month now, and Coach Holliday seems like a cool guy. He’s always telling jokes.

“I guess they heard that I was doing some good things and saw some film on me on the internet and liked what they saw. They then started recruited me. I started talking to Guy Holliday and later they offered me. Coach Holliday is the one that offered me. I’m supposed to set up a conference meeting with Coach Mendenhall here soon. I’m not sure what day though.”

Although Rambo doesn’t know much about BYU, he does know about the honor code that all students and athletes must abide by while attending the university. Coach Holliday has been informing Rambo of the unique qualifications for attending the university.

“I know about the honor code that BYU has,” said Rambo. “When the BYU coaches came to my school they told me that there are specific things you can’t do while there. You have to be more mature, can’t have facial hair, can’t drink, smoke, no drugs, and other things like that.”

BYU joins six other college programs that have offered Rambo. At this point in time he claims to have no favorites and is taking an evaluative and objective approach to his recruiting situation.

“I have seven offers so far,” Rambo said. “I have offers from Arizona State, Kansas, SMU, Texas Tech, Miami, North Texas, and BYU. It is wide open right now and I don’t have any favorites, but Texas Tech is showing me the most love right now. They’ve been recruiting me for a while.”

A member of the 2017 class, with a couple more seasons left to play at the high school level, Rambo already has an idea of what he’s looking for at the next level.

“I’m looking for a college that takes care of their athletes,” said Rambo. “I want to go to a college that has good academics and has a support system to help their players. I want to go to a college where you can have a great relationship with the coaches on and off the field. Things like that.”

Although well on his way as a football player, Rambo isn’t one to just take his skills for granted. He works with a personal trainer who happens to be a former BYU Cougar by the name of Margin Hooks. Hooks was a standout receiver and a First Team All-Mountain West Conference receiver as a junior at BYU.

“I would say I’m a physical player who likes to go after the ball,” said Rambo. “I’m a very aggressive player. Once that ball goes up in the air I believe it’s mine. I always attack the ball and that’s something we train for. My personal trainer Margin Hooks, he’s a good guy and does a good job of helping me. He also went to BYU and said it’s a great place. He said it got him ready for the real world."

Hooks runs a program called “The Sky’s the LIMIT,” which helps high school football players prepare physically, mentally, and psychologically for the college game. While working with Hooks, Charleston Rambo met another fellow Texan who also happened to sign with BYU by the name of Akile Davis.

“I also met a player who is going to BYU and he’s a friend of mine by the name of Akile Davis,” said Rambo. “He committed to BYU, and I just trained with him one time and met him then. I know a little bit about BYU but I have to do some studying to learn more.”

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