BYU Joins Crowded Field for Texas WR

BYU extended a second scholarship offer to a Texas wide receiver in the 2016 class, who is currently being trained by former BYU standout Margin Hooks. The offer from BYU marks his twenty-ninth scholarship offer & stiff competition for Guy Holliday and the BYU coaching staff.

BYU is in pursuit of a talented wide receiver prospect by the name of Adewale Omotosho who considers himself to be a versatile pass catching specialist.

“I’m 6-3, 190-pounds and I play wide receiver for Plano East High School here in Texas,” Omotosho said. “My style of play is one that I would consider to be very versatile. I like to go up and catch the jump ball, the fade, or the post. I like to be able to do it all on the field and that’s why I consider myself to be very versatile.”

Recently, BYU has thrown their hat into the Omotosho sweepstakes hoping to land another talented wide receiver from the Lone Star State.

“Yes, I received an offer from BYU and it feels really great,” said Omotosho. “When I spoke to Coach Holliday he told me to look up the program and learn more about it, such as the honor code and business program. I was really impressed. Now I’m just looking to learn more.”

His BYU offer raised his scholarship offer count to a total of 29 offers.

“I have 29 offers total,” Omotosho said with a chuckle in his voice. “I’m working on doing better though and I’m trying.”

With BYU being his 29th offer, one has to wonder if the thrill is gone when another college decides to pull the scholarship trigger? Omotosho claims he still gets excited and is very grateful when he receives another additional opportunity.

“No sir, the thrill is definitely still there for me when I get a scholarship from a school like BYU,” said Omotosho. “I can never get too complacent or just too relax about the opportunities that God has granted me. I’m always thankful for each and every opportunity that I’ve received from all the great scholarships.”

While asking Omotosho to name every single scholarship might be a little too much, he was able to give ten off the top of his head.

“Can I name at least ten of them? Well, let me see,” Omotosho said. “I got BYU, of course, Arkansas, SMU, Oklahoma State, Miami, UCF, Cal, Boston College, Texas Tech, Iowa, Kansas, and a few others. Those are the ones off the top of my head.”

As for BYU, Omotosho is still learning about the university.

“I do know that it is a private university, and I knew that they had a prestigious business program there,” Omotosho said. “I did know that Margin Hooks played there and that it’s a great university. I still have some homework to do though.”

He’ll have plenty of homework to do, but for someone like Omotosho he relishes it. He’ll look more into what BYU, and other colleges, have to offer prior to making a final decision. In the meantime he has three things he’s looking for in a university that will help aid that final decision.

“The top three things I would have to say are first and foremost my academics and education,” Omotosho said. “I know football won’t be there forever so my education is important. It’s always important to have that education to fall back on. Secondly, the opportunity to make it into the NFL is important to me. It’s always been my dream as a little kid to make it to the league, so I want to go to a program where I fit well within the offense. Third, I would have to say just the overall environment, coaching, and family vibe knowing that all these people are here with the same vision and goals as I have. I want to go to a place where I feel I can fit in and feel comfortable.”

Despite the stiff competition, BYU has an ace up their sleeve in recruiting Adewale. Former BYU wide receiver Margin Hooks is Omotosho’s personal trainer. Omotosho is the second pupil in the class of 2016 of Hooks to be extended an offer by BYU.

“Margin Hooks is my personal trainer,” said Omotosho. “He’s been working on me helping me to polish up my game and sharpen my technique in getting in and out of my breaks. He’s a great coach and has a history of being a great player.

“He hasn’t said too much about BYU yet, but that will probably come down the road. He’s not really pushing me to pick a school or anything. He’s just letting me do my recruiting on my own.”

Hooks is a personal trainer for "The Sky’s the Limit" which is a program that develops athletes in physical, mental, and psychological development to succeed in football and life.

“He’s definitely very personable and hands on as a coach,” Omotosho said. “If you make a little mistake, he’ll catch it. He watches for every little detail and will pull you aside and explain not only what you did wrong but why you did it wrong. Then he’ll help explain how to fix it. That’s what separates him from other coaches and trainers. It’s his attention to details and his ability to refine the little things.”

Hooks’ style of wide receiver development sounds very familiar to the coaching style of BYU wide receivers coach Guy Holliday. While Holliday has only recently begun to recruit the talented Omotosho to BYU, Omotosho already sees those personal tangibles he likes in a coach.

“I’m still learning about Coach Holliday but you can tell he’s a great coach,” said Omotosho. “He has that leadership vibe to him and is very assertive. It’s always good to have that coach that you can respect highly. I’m still learning a lot about him and BYU in general, but he’s a great guy and someone who takes things serious when it comes to coaching. I can tell that about him.”

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