Jones Close to Pulling Trigger

Provo High School star wide receiver Ty Jones has two offers currently on the table. His first was from BYU followed shortly by the University of Utah. While the 6-3, 180-pound pass catcher could wait until next year to make a final decision, Jones is thinking he might pull the trigger and commit sooner than later.

Provo High School star Ty Jones was called into Bronco Mendenhall’s office last week during BYU's annual Junior Day event. He was given some big news during that meeting.

“The offer from them (BYU) probably means more than any other offer,” said Jones. “BYU has the coolest coaching staff that I’ve ever talked to and I’ve talked to a lot of coaches. Getting my first D-1 offer was really a deep breath for me. I was really excited when I got that offer from BYU.”

Not long after recieving an offer from BYU, the University of Utah followed with an offer of their own.

“BYU offered me and Utah also offered me a few days ago, so right now it’s just those two offers,” said Jones.

Not fully understanding the recruiting process, Jones’ mother, Julie, began pressuring him to commit thinking the scholarship extended by BYU might not be available much longer if he didn’t. So, Jones received some encouragement from his mother to commit early, which was something he was thinking of doing anyways.

“My mom was really pressuring me big time to commit, and I had thought about it a lot too,” said Jones. “I thought about it and I’m really close, but I’m going to wait just a little longer before I commit. There really isn’t much to think about and it’s a pretty obvious decision, but we’ll see what happens and we’ll see what options come in here soon.”

Ty's mother, Julie, is a big BYU fan much the rest of his family, so that might also have something to do with the added pressure he received from her as well.

“Well, my mom is a BYU fan and my whole family are BYU fans,” said Jones. “She doesn’t really know a whole lot about the recruiting process and all this stuff, so she was wondering if I should commit thinking they would take away the scholarship offer. So, she was kind of pressuring me to commit early, but my whole family are BYU fans and really like the program.”

The man responsible for evaluating and recruiting Jones is unsurprisingly none other than BYU wide receivers coach Guy Holliday. Holliday and Jones have already established a great relationship, and when speaking of Holliday, Jones had nothing but glowing remarks to say.

“Coach Holliday is the man!” said Jones. “He’s the main reason why I ever started getting in contact with BYU. Coach Tidwell sort of knew me, but Coach T. from Orem starting talking to Coach Holliday and that’s how I started talking to Coach Holliday. He’s the first coach I really even started to talk to and he’s just awesome. He’s a lot like my dad and my dad is out of state and, I don’t know, perfect I guess. Mendenhall is sort of intimidating but Holiday I can talk a lot more about every day stuff.”

It might not be long before the Cougars of BYU receive word that they’ve received a commitment from a member of the 2017 class. For Jones, the reasons why he would chose BYU over everyone else are fairly obvious to him.

“Well, really so I could keep a strong faith, keep out of trouble, while getting a good education, and be around people with the same morals and standards that I have,” Jones said. “BYU helps prepare you to become a better man outside of football, so really there’s a lot more that BYU provides than just great football. Those would be some of the reasons.

“BYU is right here by my high school and is close to my high school coaches and my family. My coaches have already talked to me about coming back to my high school and lifting with the kids and stuff. I think that would be sweet and that would be a dream come true.”

It was always a dream come true for Jones to play division one football. Being LDS, Jones has also thought about serving a two-year mission following high school as well. However, that part he’s still considering before any final decision comes.

“I’m LDS and have thought about serving a mission, but I need to think and pray more about it before I do,” Jones said. “It’s something I need to think more about.”

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