BYU Offers 2018 Signal Caller

The BYU Cougars are looking to stock the shelves at quarterback well into the future. The offensive coaching staff has set their sights on a bright quarterback prospect in the 2018 class. This sophomore quarterback is rapidly becoming one of the biggest high school football attractions in Las Vegas.

Quarterback Kenyon Oblad is no stranger to doing big things as a young man. As an eighth grader he shredded middle school defenses for 3,602 passing yards and 56 touchdowns with just six interceptions. As a high school freshman, Oblad set a Liberty High School record for passing when he threw for 457 yards in a single game. Last season he threw for 2,104 yards and 15 touchdowns as a 15 year old playing varsity football. The sophomore-to-be was offered by BYU at their recent Junior Day. He’s excited to have the offer at such a young age.

“It’s unbelievable and I didn’t expect it,” said an excited Oblad. “I’m just extremely happy that I was offered by BYU. I’m only 15 years old!”

That is quite the accomplishment being offered at a young age by a college known for developing All-American quarterbacks as the original ‘Quarterback University.’ Oblad explains why he believes BYU pulled the trigger.

“Well, on the field I make good reads and make good throws,” said Oblad. “I make smart throws and make completions, and that’s what the coaches were telling me at BYU’s camp is that you need to make completions. I think my pocket presence is really good. When the pocket collapses I step up and make the throw. I’m able to read defenses well and see things develop. Off the field I don’t get into trouble, I keep my grades up, and I’m just a level-headed kid.”

After BYU’s Junior Day camp concluded, Oblad and his father were invited up to Bronco Mendenhall’s office. That’s when the excitement of their BYU experience really began to build.

“The camp was great and then after we went on a tour,” Oblad said. “The campus is huge! Then after we went to Bronco’s office and talking with him, I think, was the best part. It was a spiritual and humbling experience. He talked with me to try to get to know me and then afterwards had me read a letter.”

The letter Oblad read was the official offer from Coach Mendenhall and BYU.

“It was a letter telling me that I was being offered,” he recalled. “I was so excited and it was such a humbling experience. The first thing that went through my mind was I was just crying. I had been dreaming of playing football my whole life.”

Oblad had dreamed of one day playing college football since he was a young tyke slinging footballs for the 12 and under Henderson Cowboys, which won 11 state championships and four national championships. Not only did he dream of one day playing big time college football, but he dreamed of one day playing for none other than BYU.

“BYU has been my favorite school since I was maybe five years old and started playing football,” said Oblad. “To get my first division one offer from my favorite school since I was a kid is just incredible for me. I’m just so excited about it.”

Kenyon Oblad grew up following BYU largely due to his father, Jeromy. The two cheered the Cougars on watching games together on television.

“BYU was my dad’s favorite school and he always cheered for BYU,” Oblad recalled. “I grew to love football as a kid and I would watch BYU games on TV with my dad, so I grew up cheering and loving BYU football. My dad [Jeromy Oblad] lived most of his life in Utah and he loved BYU football just like his dad. Also, we’re Mormon so we grew up following BYU.”

When young Kenyon Oblad received his offer from Coach Mendenhall it was none other than his father who was by his side/ Looking over at his father, Kenyon saw a few tears swell up in his dad’s eyes.

“He was with me when I got the offer from BYU,” Kenyon said. “After I was offered he told me that he was shocked, but he also told me that when we got called to go to Coach Mendenhall’s office he thought it was going to happen. I looked over at him after I read the letter and he was crying as well.”

While his mother was excited about her son’s first D-1 offer, his older sister Berkely Oblad, who plays volleyball for the UofU, was a bit tempered about it.

“My mom was excited but my sister wasn’t,” Oblad said with a laugh in his voice. “She goes to the University of Utah so she wasn’t that excited about it as I was. Yeah, she goes to the rival school.”

The two siblings have been on the other side of the rivalry fence in years past. Berkely Oblad was a four-year varsity volleyball starter for Coronado High School while Kenyon played football for Liberty High School.

I always talk smack to her,” Kenyon Oblad told David Schoen of the Las Vegas Review Journal. “I tell her how Liberty is going to beat Coronado, even in volleyball when I know they’re not going to win. I constantly remind her Liberty is better.”

The future is really bright for the young LDS gun slinger. He received an offer from his childhood dream school BYU but will take his time when it comes to making a final decision. It’s a lesson he learned from big sister Berkely.

“I want to kind of take my time and take a look at my options,” said Oblad. “Well, my sister committed early to the UofU as a sophomore. I think because of that she only got recruited a little bit, so I’m going to wait and look at my options first before I make a final commitment.”

With that being said BYU’s coaches will have to wait a little while before knowing Kenyon’s final intentions on where he’ll play college ball. Surely more offers will come in, but they’re sitting in a great position to win the services of this young Nevada superstar.

“There’s just a lot about BYU that I really like,” Oblad said. “It’s my favorite school since I was a kid and I’m Mormon. When I got to BYU’s campus and saw the school I like it even more. It’s just a beautiful campus and the facilities are great. They have everything there and so much to offer. It’s just a really good school and I really like the coaches. The coaches there are great and Coach Beck is a great guy. I really like him a lot. I’m just blessed and grateful to have an offer from BYU.”

Following his prep years at Liberty, Oblad will then decide whether he’ll serve a mission.

“I have thought about serving a mission and I’m preparing to serve a mission,” Oblad said. “I’m still thinking about it but I’m not exactly sure yet, but I’m preparing to do that but we’ll see.”

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