Georgia QB Recaps All Poly Camp & BYU Visit

Georgia quarterback Ivan Corbin Jr. recently visited BYU’s campus where he was able to see firsthand BYU's football facilities. Corbin talked with TBS recently about his BYU visit and his experience at the All Poly Camp.

Ivan Corbin Jr. is a 6-0, 190-pound, 2016 dual-threat quarterback from Warner Robins High School, located in Warner Robins, Georgia. During his visit to BYU, Corbin got a chance to see BYU’s new locker rooms that were just installed while taking in all the athletic facilities on campus.

“[My visit] was good. They just put in new locker rooms and they are really nice,” said Corbin. “I mean they look really nice. I got to walk around their weight room and see what they’re doing there. I saw the weight room, football lobby, the national trophy they had too. Their weight room is big and the facilities are a lot nicer than the colleges down in the south. It was a nice experience. The indoor practice facility is really nice!

“They said that the football team, the soccer team, and the rugby team share the indoor practice facility, but it’s mainly for the football players. After my visit to BYU, I went and camped at Utah. I got to see their campus and facilities after the camp too.”

Corbin really took a liking to BYU’s campus and facilities.

“There hasn’t been a school that I’ve been to that’s as nice as BYU,” said Corbin. “Next week, I’ll be going to Kentucky so I’ll see how that goes, but so far BYU has been the nicest.”

Corbin mentioned that BYU has evaluated and identified four 2016 quarterback targets. If one of those targets commits elsewhere then he believes BYU will come calling.

“They said they have four scholarships out for 2016 quarterbacks, so they said if they don’t commit to them that’s when they’ll start getting in contact with me.”

BYU has been recruiting Corbin for three weeks now. He’s been in communcation with Jason Beck and Justin Anderson.

“Coach Beck is the one that’s recruiting me and he seems like a nice coach, and BYU is the nicest school that I’ve been to so far,” said Corbin. “Coach Beck is a nice coach and I’ve been talking to him on twitter. I’ve been talking to the Director of Player Personnel too, and he got in contact with my uncle who lives [in Utah].”

Ivan’s uncle, Jason Corbin, lives in Utah and has a daughter that currently attends BYU. BYU’s Director of Player Personnel Justin Anderson got in touch with Jason Corbin and that’s how the ball got rolling for him to come on an unofficial visit to campus.

“I have an uncle that lives out here and BYU’s Director of Player Personnel got in contact with him,” said Ivan Corbin. “He’s a BYU fan because his daughter goes to BYU right now.”

Currently in possession of two scholarship offers, Corbin hopes BYU will eventually throw their hat in the ring and extend him an offer as well.

“The Citadel and South Carolina have offered me so far,” Corbin said. “I am hoping that BYU does offer because it’s such a nice school. They play big teams and it would be a big challenge for me to come here and compete against the quarterbacks there. I also like the area and the mountains. We don’t have mountains like this where I’m from. I also like the snow and back in Georgia we don’t have snow, so out here I would be around it. In Georgia it’s just humid and raining one day and then 97 degrees the next. It’s been a great experience for me being in Utah.”

The highlight of Corbin’s BYU experience came when he was able to attend a team meeting where the Cougars met to discuss their agenda.

“I would say it was when they took me to the team meeting room and they showed the team the agenda for the day,” said Corbin. “They did change from having afternoon workouts to morning work outs, so once the morning workouts are done they can have the rest of the day to go to work if they have a job. If they have class they can do that. Ever since they changed it to the morning workouts, the average GPA of the football team has increased the most in the country. That’s something that I really liked.”

Following his BYU experience, Corbin headed north to Layton, UT where he attended the All Poly Camp. His experience learning from various college coaches while competing against great competition was a great experience for him.

“It was a great experience for me being at the All Poly Camp,” said Corbin. “I was able to work with the head coach from Boise State and that was a great experience for me. I learned some new drills that I can take back with me to Georgia.”

There were 24 quarterbacks in attendance at the All Poly Camp, and Corbin feels he did well matching up against them in the various drills showcased.

“The competition was really good and there’s about 24 QB’s out there, and I did really good and some of the coaches helped me with my throws,” said Corbin. “Other than that my footwork and stuff like that was good. It was good being out there with all the coaches.”

Two od the quarterbacks in attendance hold offers from BYU.

“There are only about three of them have offers and two of them have offers from BYU,” said Corbin. “One is Keaton Torre and the other is Taylor Katoa. They have offers from BYU, so they’re really good quarterbacks and did really good out there.”

Corbin feels he matched up well with both Torre and Katoa within their position group.

“Yeah, I matched up well with them at the All Poly Camp,” said Corbin. “They’re more of the pocket passer type QB’s. I’m more of a pocket passer but then I can also run. I know that BYU runs mainly a spread offense but they like the mobile quarterbacks too. I’m a dual-threat quarterback and we run at my school more of the Oregon offense. It’s a spread one play then the read-option next.”

Corbin combined for 2,450 total yards last season while totaling 22 touchdowns on the season. This is why he’s on BYU’s radar among other schools showing interest.

“I threw for 13 touchdowns and 1,600 yards,” said Corbin. “I also ran for nine touchdown and an additional 850 yards. I’m not sure what my completion ratio was but I did have six interceptions.”

Bingham High School was recently rated the 13th best team in the country by MaxPreps; a team led by none other than by 6-3, 195-pound, four-star quarterback Keaton Torre. Corbin feels Keaton Torre just might commit to BYU soon.

“I know that Torre decommitted from Louisville and I think he’s going to commit to BYU,” said Corbin who interacted with Torre at the All Poly Camp. “BYU’s coaches were out there, looking at him and watching him throw. He’s a good quarterback and was doing really well out there throwing the ball.”

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