Jonah Trinnaman Pledges for BYU

One of the top wide receivers at Snow College, currently the eighth-ranked wide receiver in the country by the NJCAA, has committed to BYU. Jonah Trinnaman will bring his blazing speed and pass-catching abilities to BYU’s offense next fall.

The BYU Cougars recently received their first wide receiver commit for the 2016 class. Originally from American Fork, Jonah Trinnaman was recruited by BYU out of high school. However, circumstances landed him at Snow College in Ephraim, UT and now he’ll be playing D1 football at BYU.

“I decided to commit to BYU because I’ve always been a big BYU fan growing up,” said Trinnaman. “They offered me first, so I’ve just been a fan and it’s been a dream to come to BYU and play there. BYU recruited me out of high school and I went to camp every year. The coaches really liked me but my grades weren’t very good back then.”

As a freshman last season at Snow College, Trinnaman rushed the ball twice for 32 yards. As a receiver he was second on the team behind Dalton Fackrell and racked up 24 catches for 363 yards averaging 15.1 yards per catch while tying receiver Arlonzo Simpson with a team-leading six touchdowns on the season.

“I did alright and I was just trying to get back up to speed and get ready for everything but I did alright,” said Trinnaman. “I did well enough to get a couple of division one scholarship offers, but I’m more comfortable now and I’m looking forward to this next season. I’ll be one of the go-to guys this season so I should have a lot better season.”

When he got his offer from BYU everyone around him, including his parents, were ecstatic.

“Yeah it was really huge for me and everyone I’m around loves BYU and I love BYU,” said Trinnaman. “After I got the offer last October it was huge for me and I was super excited! My parents and friends were super excited. I told my friends that if BYU or Washington offered me, I would take it.”

Trinnaman grew up in Utah close to BYU and was a fan of the Cougars all his life. The reason Trinnaman would have chosen to go to Washington, if they offered and BYU didn’t, is because he lived in the Seattle, Washington area for a time. He grew to love the area, so a return to play for Washington would be a no-brainer for him.

“I used to live in Sammamish, Washington,” said Trinnaman. “It’s close to Seattle and I love it up there. I went out to Washington’s camp a few years out and they have really nice campus and facilities out there. This was when Coach Sarkisian was up there, but I was also being recruited by Boise State when Coach Petersen was there. So, I kind of know him too and he’s the head coach up there. That’s pretty much why.”

When Trinnaman finally pulled the trigger in BYU’s favor, the coaches were excited about his decision.

“The coaches were supper excited and they loves the type of player and person that I am,” Trinnaman said. “They think I can play a big part on the team when I get there. I’m not sure what side of the field I’ll play and don’t really mind, but I’ll probably play more on the outside because of my speed.

One reason why Trinnaman chose the Cougars was not just because he grew up cheering for the white and blue of BYU. It’s because he believes the complete value a student athlete gets from a BYU scholarship is what really separates BYU from the rest of college football.

“I think Coach Mendenhall is a really good coach, and at BYU it’s not just about football,” Trinnaman said. “That’s what makes BYU different than other colleges. Football won’t always bet there in your life, so I want to be more than just a football player and BYU is about that. It’s about the complete package at BYU and not just a main focus on one thing. I know some players really well at a specific schools here in Utah, and I don’t want to out Utah or anything like that, but I just want to be at a place that’s different and have that BYU environment. BYU has some really good guys and are some good people. I just want to be one of those people.”

Trinnaman was offered by two other colleges from the Pac-12 as well.

“Well, BYU was the first to offer me,” said Trinnaman. “I’ve been offered by Utah and also Oregon State as well. That’s about it.”

Along with current BYU receiver Devon Blackmon, Trinnaman could be one of the faster receivers to join the roster in quite a while. Apparently he was laser-timed at a sub 4.4 forty.

“I’m 6-0, 190-pounds and run a 4.37 in the forty,” Trinnaman said. “I got laser timed where I work out so that’s a legit time.”

With that kind of speed it means he brings field stretching, big playmaking ability to BYU’s high-flying passing offense. Spreading the field is what he believes he does best.

“I’ll bring a lot of speed and explosiveness,” Trinnaman said. “I have the ability to make big plays and do my job really. Basically BYU’s coaches want me to take the top off the cover of that defense, so I’ll probably play on the outside where I can use my speed to go deep.”

“On man, he’s really fast and probably the hardest wide receiver to defend that I’ve ever gone up against,” said Ben Bergeson who is also coming to BYU as a preferred walk-on defensive back. “He is so fast that they just send him mostly on post routes to try and go deep with him and spread the defense out, but he is really fast and hard to cover. You know he was the state’s 100-meter state champion right? BYU is getting a steal!”

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