Drew Jensen Pledges to BYU

The Brighton Bengals boast a bevy of talented division one prospects on their football team in both the 2016 and 2017 recruiting classes. Brighton defensive back Drew Jensen had many outstanding collegiate options to select from. Recently he decided to make a decision and committed to BYU.

BYU’s latest commit is Brighton High School defensive back Drew Jensen. Coming in at 6-2, weighing 201-pounds with a max bench press of 270-pounds and a squat of 405-pounds, Jensen is relieved to have made his decision.

“It feels awesome!” said Jensen. “It definitely feels cool to be a Cougar. I’m glad it over with and now I can focus on next season. It feels good to get out of the recruiting process a little bit and step back and focus more on what’s coming ahead of me this season. It definitely feels good to get that weight off.”

Relying upon a greater power and trusting in confirmation of one's decision is a lesson Jensen learned throughout the process of college recruiting. It’s a lesson he’ll carry with him for a long time.

“The one thing that I learned through this whole process was that you just need to stay strong with your feelings and trust in the Lord,” said Jensen. “You just have to stay close to Him and don’t let anything else deter you away from a decision that you know is right.

“I just really like BYU and it’s really such a unique school. It just has everything you want such as great academics, religion, and great football that just all fits together. It’s just a great school and I prayed about it for a long time. I just felt BYU is where I needed to go.”

Jensen committed to BYU over offers from outstanding programs Oregon State, Utah, and Utah State.

“I had Utah, Utah State, and Oregon State offer me,” he said. “They were all great school but I just felt that BYU was the place for me. I have nothing against any of them and they didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just that I felt like BYU was the right place for me.”

Jensen only played a game and half of the first quarter of the second game in 2014 prior to suffering a season-ending injury. Despite the injury, Jensen still racked up a number of solid offers leaving one to wonder what his offer sheet would have looked like if he had played the entire season.

“Yeah, I only played one game and then for the second game I only played in half of a quarter,” Jensen said. “I tore my ACL and fractured my femur. I’m about nine months out from my injury and feel great. I feel 110 percent and feel better than I ever have.”

On the day Jensen decided to make his commitment to BYU official, he called up Nick Howell and scheduled a meeting.

“I actually called Coach Howell and told him that I wanted to schedule a meeting with them,” Jensen said. “They were all kind of out of town and it was kind of a hard thing to do, so I just told them over the phone that I wanted to commit to them. I told them that I was really excited about committing to BYU, and they were just very happy. It felt so good what they were saying to me. It was like I was coming home.”

That home away from home feeling is what separated BYU from the rest. Jensen recalled some advice Coach Howell gave him when it came to making a final decision on what college he should attend.

“The one thing that separates BYU for the rest is that everything just fits so well,” said Jensen. “I remember talking to Coach Howell about a month ago, and he said, ‘When you’re driving down to a school just remember why you’re driving down there. Think about how you feel driving down there and does it feel like home? If you do that then you’ll know where you’re supposed to go.’ When I was driving away from BYU I felt like I was driving away from home. That was it right there.”

An athlete with a high football I.Q, Jensen will be manning the last line of Bronco Mendenhall’s defense.

“I’m going to play the strong safety position at BYU,” Jensen said. “I guess they think I can be quick enough to get back [to defend] passes and strong enough to come up and stop the run. I think coach might have me play there and maybe even a little free safety. It just depends on what coverage it is, but I’m really excited about my future.

“I feel like I’m really good at reading the offense and setting up the quarterback. I can bait the quarterback to look one way and throw to the other and make a play. I feel like I can take over a defense really well and lead them.”

BYU is also recruiting Jensen’s fellow high school teammate Simi Fehoko, who plays wide receiver for the Bengals. Now that Jensen has made his decision on where he’ll play in the future, he hopes his Fehoko will join him in being a BYU Cougar when he makes his final decision later this month.

“I don’t really know and obviously everyone’s opinion is different,” said Jensen. “I haven’t really talked to him about it. I would love to have him on my team again, so I’m hoping that he does come to BYU. He’s a stud and he’s a hard worker. He knows how to play the game.

“He’s quick, very fast, and hard to keep up with. You have to either give him some room or beat him on the line. You can’t let him off the line and you can’t let him behind you. Both of those things are hard to do when it comes to covering him. I really hope he comes to BYU because it’s such a great place to be.”

Jensen will serve a two-year LDS mission prior to suiting up at BYU.

“I’m going to serve a mission but I just don’t know if I’m going to go after I graduate after our second semester or in June,” said Jensen. “I’m going to go on a mission but I just don’t know if I’ll be leaving early or later.”

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