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Bingham HS quarterback Keaton Torre is excited to be a BYU Cougar. He'll join BYU as a member of the 2016 recruiting class.

BYU picked up a commit from top in-state quarterback recruit Keaton Torre of Bingham High School earlier this week. Torre came to the state of Utah as a four-star recruit from the state of Oklahoma and was once committed to Louisville. He’ll showcase his gun-slinging skills while wearing the white and blue of BYU following his prep career.

While BYU was racking up their second come-from-behind victory over then 20th -ranked Boise State, the Cougars were also cashing in big time with a commit from in-state quarterback Keaton Torre.

“I’m so excited about my commit to BYU,” Torre said. “It’s a once in a lifetime thing. It’s been a long process and in the beginning I never thought that I would be there or have the opportunity to be there. After getting to know the coaches, the town of Provo, and the program it’s a perfect fit for me. I love everything about Provo.”

One major reason for the number one ranked QB in the state of Utah’s commit to BYU? Well, it’s simple. BYU quarterback coach Jason Beck played a major role in sealing the deal with Torre.

“First off, Coach Beck because he’s the man,” Torre said. “The relationship I built with him since the first day I moved to Utah; I felt at home the very first day. He’s one of the big reasons. Then, of course, Coach Mendenhall and the rest of the staff. Day in and day out there isn’t a day that I’m not getting some kind of personal call when they’re allowed to, or a private message here and there. They’re the ones that made me want to stay close to home. Another thing is the relationship that I’ve built with my future teammates that are already there at BYU. They want me there as much as I want to be there. Those are some of the big things for me.”

The Cougars’ dramatic fourth quarter victory led by the heroics of quarterback Tanner Mangum not only electrified a sellout crowd at LaVell Edwards Stadium, but it also wowed the heart and soul of Bingham High School’s star quarterback.

“Oh it was amazing,” Torre said. “Being on campus and in that stadium with the fans was so exciting! Feeling the energy and the atmosphere and being able to see how things played out was an incredible experience. It was something special, kind of like watching the Nebraska game last week. Just seeing Tanner Mangum come out and being a baller and seeing him do what he does best was fun!”

In attendance with Torre for BYU’s dramatic season home game opener was another four-star recruit in Mission Hills High School defensive back Troy Warner.

“I was with Troy Warner the whole time and being with him the whole time and sharing the experience with him, and his family, and my family, was special,” Torre said. “It was just so exciting for everyone, the fans, the campus, the school, the town, and the city was just an amazing experience.”

Torre is the latest of a long line of top quarterback recruits to come to BYU. He’s honored he’ll have the opportunity to carry the torch as the latest to be numbered among an outstanding and unique BYU quarterback pedigree as the next possible great.

“It means the world to me,” Tore said. “Just being a part of a program with a long history of great quarterbacks with Taysom Hill going back to the Steve Young, Jim McMahon, and so on to now seeing Tanner Mangum. I have no doubt in my mind that Tanner Mangum will be the next big time BYU quarterback. I have no doubt about that.”

A member of the LDS faith, Torre started up a relationship with then backup BYU quarterback Tanner Mangum following his return home from a mission to Chile. Now that Mangum is the starting quarterback, Torre couldn’t be happier with his recent success.

“I’ve started a nice relationship with him ever since he came off his mission,” Torre said. “To see him succeed in the way he’s done is so exciting. I don’t think there is anyone more excited than I am to see him do what he’s done. I’ve been so happy for him because he’s such a great guy. It’s an amazing feeling to know that I’ll be a part of an amazing quarterback fraternity at BYU. The tradition is moving on and I’m exciting to be a part of a program to try and uphold that and be the next great BYU quarterback.”

The thought of holding up and carrying on BYU’s prestigious quarterback tradition is in his mind a very sobering opportunity. It’s one that carries a lot of weight and responsibility, which he fully understands.

“I can’t even use one word to describe what it means to be a future BYU quarterback,” Torre said. “I think if there was one word I would use is its humbling. I think that’s the best word to describe that. To know that you are the flagbearer of the program and part of one of the best quarterback lineages in all of college football is an amazing and yet humbling thing.

“You have to be the one who not only leads one of the best college football programs in the nation but you are also a role model for young boys and girls who look up to you. You’re not only going to one of the best quarterback producing colleges in the country, but to know that you can make a difference in the lives of young kids, the people around you on campus and the world- because of the church- is humbling. It’s humbling and a great honor for me and my family.”

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