Mission Hills HS athlete Troy Warner committed to BYU to play for the Cougars

With the announcement of Troy Warner committing to BYU, it’s become a family affair. Bronco Mendenhall and the Cougars received their second big time commitment this week with Warner making his decision today that Provo is the place where he needs to be. He will join his brother, Fred Warner, an outside linebacker for BYU, with plans to enroll in school at BYU in January.

There is a lot of excitement buzzing around the BYU Cougars nationwide as the Cougars beat both Nebraska and top 25-ranked Boise State in dramatic fashion. In attendance at LaVell Edwards for BYU’s victory over Boise Statr was none other than four-star defensive back, and former Oregon commit, Troy Warner.

“Man, I thought it was super exciting,” Troy Warner said. “To go to a game like that, that doesn’t always happen. I thought the stadium was rocking and it was a lot of fun.”

“It was good for him to be here,” said big brother Fred Warner. “You know, he and I are really close, so just having him out here with me to spend some time was really good.”

Troy Warner’s official visit to BYU was a special one. Not only was he able to watch his big brother Fred have an amazing game against Boise State, but he also was able to hang with future BYU teammate Keaton Torre, who committed to BYU a couple days ago.

“I got a chance to meet a lot of great people,” Troy Warner said. “We went bowling and I mostly just hung out with Keaton [Torre]. It was a lot of fun. We also went into the locker rooms just to see what was going on in there and see what the environment is like on game day. We also got a chance to go on the field and watch the team warm up and everything. I got a chance to chat with Fred for a little bit before the game. He was just happy to see me and everything.”

“It was really special being able to come on an official visit with Troy Warner,” said Keaton Torre. “It was special because my family got a chance to hang out with Troy’s family and we had a lot of fun in that environment. BYU is a special place.”

During Troy Warner’s official visit, he waited for the Cougar football team to come off the bus and make their famed “Cougar Walk” towards their locker room at LaVell Edwards Stadium on game day. His older brother, Fred Warner, saw Troy and grabbed him so he could be a part of a special game day experience.

“It was fun!” said big brother Fred Warner. “Coming off the bus I saw him standing right there waiting for me. I grabbed him and was like, ‘Come on, you’re coming with me.’ We walked together down the Cougar Walk and it was a great time. I’m really glad that he got a chance to see this type of game in that type of atmosphere. I don’t know if we’ve had that many Cougar fans like that before a game so it was electric. Just to pull out the game like we did made it a great experience for him and us.”

“I thought it was really cool to walk down the Cougar Walk with him (Fred),” said Troy Warner. “It was just an awesome experience for me because Fred is not just my older brother but he’s my best friend. Just to have a moment like that was honestly amazing.”

Walking down the corridor lined with adoring fans, Cougar fans knew who Troy was and chanted his name, making the experience that much more incredible for him.

“Man it was crazy because all the fans knew who I was,” he said. “Walking down with the team and seeing all the fans cheering. A lot of them knew who I was and were chanting my name! That was really cool and a special moment for me.”

“Yeah, I think he really enjoyed it,” Fred Warner said. “He said he liked it.”

The highlight of Warner's official visit to BYU was being with his older brother and walking with the Cougar football team among the throngs of rowdy BYU fans.

“I think the highlight of my official visit to BYU was the Cougar Walk with my brother,” said Troy Warner. “Just so many of the BYU fans knew who I was. It was just really cool for them to acknowledge me. I think being with my brother for that experience was the highlight for me.”

BYU was the first college among many to evaluate and offer Troy Warner, and although he had been committed to Oregon at one time he never lost respect for BYU.

“I have so much respect for BYU,” said Troy. “They were the first one to offer me, and even when I had committed to Oregon they never stopped recruiting me. That placed them at the top for me. I have a lot of love for BYU and the plan they have for me.”

The continued efforts by the BYU coaching staff to educate Troy Warner gave him a greater understanding of what separates BYU from other colleges as he visited various campuses. The process opened his eyes and, in time, he felt BYU was the right place for him. He wanted to commit to BYU over this past weekend but decided to wait a day or two following Keaton Torre’s commit.

“Yes, I decided to commit to BYU today,” said an excited Troy. “Right now I’m looking for things outside of football. My family and I are LDS and BYU offers the religion side of things. I want a great college experience both on and off the field, and BYU is a school that I believe that can do that. I’m slowly realizing the difference between what BYU and what schools have to offer. There’s more to life than just football and I want to get the most out of my college experience, and in some ways I think BYU has shown that they’re different than other colleges in what they have to offer.”

It was the shared values found among the players and on campus at BYU along with his brother currently being in the program that made BYU feel like home.

“I felt BYU was home and being under their coaching staff they would give me the chance to succeed in every aspect of life,” Troy Warner said. “I just felt there was no reason to wait on it. I’m going with my heart and I felt the Spirit. I feel it’s the right decision.

“Man, it’s a once in a lifetime chance to have a chance to play with your older brother, not many families or brothers have that opportunity. I think what makes BYU a unique place is I get to play with my brother and also have the chance to play wide receiver, safety, and punt returner. No other college gave me that opportunity. Also BYU is a school that has the values of my faith. I’m LDS so being at my church school where I can get a top education while having my religious values be a part of my every day college experience makes BYU a unique place.”

Troy Warner’s decision to commit to BYU made the hard work and efforts of the Cougar coaching staff all pay off in the end. Upon hearing Troy had committed, the Cougar coaching staff was ecstatic.

“Man, it was almost like we were at a loss for words,” Troy Warner said. “The coaches were just so happy and so excited. They were all just ready to go and both Coach Mendenhall and Coach Howell were pumped up.

“Coach Mendenhall said that he’s going to do everything in his power to make sure that I have a great experience at BYU both on and off the field. He said he’s going to do all that he can to make sure that I can become the best person I can be.

“Coach Howell, at first he couldn’t say much because he was so surprised that I committed so early. He said that I made his day.”

Troy Warner chose BYU over 14 other top college programs.

“I had [offers from] Oregon, Stanford, UCLA, Notre Dame, Utah, Washington State, Nevada, San Jose, San Diego State, Boston College, Cal, Arizona, and some others,” Troy Warner said. “I chose to come to BYU because there really is no other place like BYU. The religious aspect and the family thing about BYU makes it unique. I know a lot of the players and the coaching staff is like none other.”

“He’s seen it all now and he knows what we are all about here,” said big brother Fred Warner. “He’s now been here for his official and seen the locker room and pregame when we’re getting ready. Now it’s just up to him and I’m letting him do his own thing.”

After Troy Warner committed to BYU’s coaches, he spoke to his big brother to let him know that he’ll be joining him as a Cougar.

“Yeah, I called him and he was super excited to have me on board and everything,” said Troy Warner. “He said that I was going to have a great time with him over there and that he was looking forward to me joining him. It’s going to be a great thing for the both of us playing at BYU together.”

Following his senior year of high school football, Fred Warner will graduate early and will enroll at BYU in January.

“I’ll be graduating early so I’ll be down at BYU in January so I can get going,” Troy Warner said. “I’ll be coming down there early on so I can practice next spring camp. I’m excited about my decision and look forward to being a BYU Cougar.”

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