Brighton High School LB Sione Lund holds BYU in high regards amidst immense recruiting interest

Brighton High School middle linebacker Sione Heimuli-Lund is a four-star recruit in the class of 2017. He has over 20 programs recruiting him and 12 scholarship offers currently on the table. However, no matter how big that list gets there is one school that will always be in his top five.

The number one-ranked middle linebacker in the state of Utah, fourth in the west and 13th ranked in the nation in the 2017 recruiting class; Sione Lund (Heimuli-Lund) has been having a great junior season. In fact, his season this year has turned out better than he thought it would.

“I’ve been doing well and a lot better than I expected,” Sione said recently. “My season has been going really well and I’m having a better year than last year. I think the reason for that is because I’m a lot more mature this year than last year and it’s showing on the field. My knowledge of the game has increased, and I think it’s really showing out on the field.”

With committable offers from the BYU Cougars, Stanford, ASU, Cal, Colorado, Michigan, Oregon State, Utah, Vanderbilt, Washington, and Washington State, recruiting has picked up even more for the 6-0, 225-pound ball-hawk from Brighton.

“I think around 20 schools now are recruiting me. It’s picked up a lot,” said Lund, who changed his name recently to just Sione Lund. “A lot of big programs have started talking to me and showing a lot of interests. It’s cool and all and everyone loves the attention. It’s nice to know that a lot of schools want you, but during the season I don’t really focus on it that much. I just try and stay humble and work hard.”

However, there is one school that he claims to love.

“Oh, I love BYU!” Lund said. “I love everything about BYU, and I love the letters they send me too. They send me the best letters out of anyone.”

In fact, Sione loves BYU so much he holds them among his top five schools, despite not having come up with an official top five list of schools just yet. Regardless, BYU is in.

“Oh, I love BYU and they’re always going to be up there,” said Lund. “I love BYU and they’ll always be up there and in my top five. BYU will be in my top five and then a couple out of state schools and that will be it. They’ve showed love for me since this all started.”

Recently, BYU picked up commits from Bingham High School quarterback Keaton Torre, Bountiful High School defensive back Max Tooley, and Mission Hills High School defensive back Troy Warner. Lund is very close to one of these recent BYU commits and considers him as one of his best friends.

“Those are my boys!” said Heimuli-Lund. “Keaton, like he’s one of my best friends. During the summer we would all hang out. Like after he was done with Bingham’s practice, and when I was done with my practice, we would all meet up with all the guys and hang out. He’s a really good friend of mine. Ever since he came in from Oklahoma we’ve been really good friends and just hang out together.

“Max Tooley, I’ve met him and he’s a really good player. So is Troy Warner. He’s a good player and him committing to BYU kind of came out of nowhere. When Troy committed, man! BYU is getting some of the top players around.”

Being close to Keaton Torre has to only aid in BYU’s chances of landing Lund and BYU has some heavy recruiters on him. Recruiting Sione from BYU is Paul Tidwell and Kelly Poppinga, who have established great relationships with Lund.

“Coach Tidwell and K-Pop are both recruiting me,” said Lund. “I hear from both of them frequently and they’re both great guys. Actually, I hear from the whole staff as well. They’re always talking to me when they can and I’m loving it.”

BYU beat Nebraska and Boise State in dramatic fashion and should have come away with a win over UCLA down at the Rose Bowl last week. Lund watched BYU play and was very impressed with BYU’s performance on the road against a top ten team.

“Oh man! BYU is legit that’s all I can say,” Sione exclaimed. “They proved that they can play with anyone even with a freshman quarterback in Tanner Mangum that they have. I mean, they really took it to UCLA and they should have won that game. I think we should have had UCLA. BYU is legit and I feel like they’re only going to get better throughout the season.

“I was watching the game and I was thinking, ‘Man, this is crazy! To be honest with you, I was questioning BYU going in to UCLA. I was watching the game and I was like, ‘Okay, BYU is a really good team.’ I can just see myself out there in that defense. After the game the coaches called me and said, ‘Did you see our defense? You would be doing what Harvey Langi and Manoa Pikula are doing out there.’”

On the road again this weekend, BYU will face Michigan, a program that has offered Lund, at the Big House. Lund thinks BYU is going to have a chance to win this one.

“I think BYU has a chance this game too against Michigan!” said Lund. “You saw how well BYU played against UCLA? I mean, I think they’re going to work on that defense really hard and come out and surprise everyone. I think BYU has a chance of beating Michigan in the Big House! It’s going to be fun to see.”

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