Jimmy Jaggers Talks BYU Offer

As BYU looks to re-establish the traditional tight end position back into BYU’s offense, they’ve zeroed in a prospect in California. BYU has a rich tight end legacy that includes names like David Mills, Itula Mili, Chad Lewis, Jonny Harline and current Baltimore Raven, Dennis Pitta. BYU has targeted their next tight end prospect in Jimmy Jaggers out of Roseville, California.

Last week BYU extended a scholarship to 6-4, 230-pound tight end/defensive end prospect Jimmy Jaggers out of Roseville High School (Roseville, CA). The offer from BYU makes it his thirteenth offer for the junior prospect with another year of high school left to play.

“It’s been a blessing for me and it’s a good feeling to get my thirteenth offer from BYU,” said Jaggers. “When the offer finally came I was excited about it, but most of my excitement came with waiting for the offer knowing that it could come. All of my offers are exciting knowing that you’re someone they want as part of your team. It’s a good feeling. But, when it comes right down to it, it’s also a tough one. There are just so many choices to make.”

BYU joins a list of top collegiate programs to offer a scholarship to Jaggers.

“I have offers from Louisville, Northwestern, Utah, Michigan, Oregon State, Washington State, Washington, Arizona State, Colorado, UCLA, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, and BYU,” he said. “I’ve visited a lot of schools and I have somewhat of an idea as to what I like in a school. I would like to visit the schools before I give an assessment. Whether I’m able to visit all the schools is a different story.”

BYU had been recruiting Jaggers for some time prior to his official offer from the Cougars. BYU offensive coordinator Robert Anae has been recruiting the talented tight end for a while, but he wanted to see him in action first prior to extending an offer. When the offer finally came, Jaggers was excited about his new option.

“I’ve been talking to Coach Anae for quite some time now,” Jaggers said. “He had messaged me to call Coach Mendenhall, and Coach Beck had come out to see me play earlier. I was told by Coach Anae that they didn’t want to offer anyone that they haven’t seen in person. That was the main reason that the offer wasn’t extended earlier, and so I was waiting for that and kind of had high hopes for that BYU offer. I was excited before they offered me and was kind of waiting for that to happen.

“BYU is definitely a school that I need to get more familiar with. I need to look more in to it do decide if that’s a school for me when I start to narrow things down and such.”

In regards to his BYU offer, Jaggers feels it’s an honor simply because he knows that BYU doesn’t just recruit student athletes as part of their evaluation process. The staff also recruits character as well, so to get an offer from BYU means you’re more than just a student athlete.

“It’s kind of an honor itself to have it happen because they see that you’re a kid that not only fits their program, but you also fit as a person of high standards,” said Jaggers. “I look at it as kind of they feel that I can fit within their locker room. It makes me feel good about myself. When BYU offers you a scholarship, it just shows that you’re more than just a student athlete. You’re a student athlete of high morals and character.”

When it comes to recruiting, Jaggers is taking a cautious approach to this experience. He hasn’t narrowed down his list yet stating, “I haven’t narrowed things down or anything yet, so I like to think they’re all equal right now. I’ll probably start doing that my senior year.”
As of right now every school is equal in his eyes until he does so. However, there are things he’s looking for at the next level, which bode well for BYU.

“The academics are a huge thing for me,” said Jaggers. “Also the atmosphere on campus is a big thing for me. I want to go to a place where I fit in, so that’s a big thing for me as well. I want to see if I fit in well in the locker room feel comfortable and things like that.”

On the football field, Jaggers describes himself as a tough, physical pass catcher, who is more of a traditional tight end.

“I like being physical and being aggressive,” said Jaggers. “I play defensive end too, and so I like being up on the offensive line and mixing it up a little. I never flex out as a tight end and I’m always on the offensive line. I like playing on the line, playing that traditional tight end spot. I just play with my hand in the dirt but I can go out and run routes and catch passes.”

BYU just might have an ace up their sleeve. Jaggers, who is LDS, will also have two step-brothers that will attend BYU. One is currently serving a mission while the other will graduate this year from high school and will attend BYU next fall semester. This bodes well for BYU.

“My step brother (Connor Adams) goes there,” Jaggers said. “I also have a lot of family that live in Utah and I’m also LDS. My step brother who goes to BYU is on a mission in Cincinnati.”

Elder Adams has made it known where he would like his step brother Jimmy to go and play his college football.

“He tells me to go to BYU every Monday when he gets his emails out,” said Jaggers. “We’re close and we were before he left on his mission. My step-sister lives out in Utah and my other step-brother (Tanner Adams) is a senior in high school, and he’s looking to go to BYU after he graduates. My step-mom is from Utah and that’s kind of where the connection is.”

As of right now Jaggers hasn’t thought much about whether he’ll set football aside for two years and follow his older step brother Connor by serving a mission. It’s still up in the air as of now.

“I haven’t really thought about it much, given the way everything has worked out for me,” said Jaggers. “I got my first offer in March and then I had 10 in the middle of June. It kind of all piled on and so I haven’t really had time to think about whether or not to go. We’ll see how things work out I guess.”

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