BYU has offered ninth grade standout defensive lineman Reese Silofau from Oaks Christian High School

The BYU coaching staff recently verbally offered a freshman defensive tackle, which is a very rare occasion. The last time that happened was four years ago when BYU offered Paul Finau out of Washington. Now Bronco Mendenhall and his staff have identified another young prospect they deemed worthy of a prestigious BYU scholarship offer.

Reese Silofau joins a rare and limited club of high school freshman athletes to have received an offer from BYU. Given his first year of playing prep football at the high school level, it’s easy to see why the Cougar coaching staff believe they’ve narrowed in on a talented prospect.

“I’m a freshman in high school and I’m 6-2, 265-pounds,” said Silofau. “I play defensive tackle and I have 25 solo tackles, 19 assisted tackles, and 44 total tackles. I also have five and a half sacks and 10 tackles for a loss.”

The offer by the BYU coaching staff has come as a surprise to Silofau. He had no idea that BYU, or anyone for that matter, was interested or knew anything about him. Recently, Oaks Christian High School, where Silofau plays, took on Moorpark when Silofau received some interesting advice from his coach.

“We were playing Moorpark High School and my coach told me that I needed to play good because there were a lot of coaches that were there watching a lot of players,” said Silofau. “He said that if I did good they might recruit me too in the future.”

On senior night, Oaks Christian High School routed Moorpark 56-7 and Silofau ended up having a good game. The following day he went to school to study film when he was asked an interesting question.

“The next day I went to school to go watch some film,” said Silofau. “Someone asked me if I had gotten offered. I wasn’t expecting anything like that, but my dad told me the night before that I did and I didn’t believe him. When I was at school the next day watching film they also told me but I didn’t believe what they were saying. After film I went home and my parents told me that it was real that BYU offered me a full ride scholarship. I was in shock, really.”

But how did BYU even know about this up and coming freshman? Silofau has his theories.

“Well, our first game against Notre Dame was on T.V and they told my dad that they’ve been following me ever since,” said Silofau. “Our next game against Cathedral Catholic was also on T.V. They also probably saw me then, and another game that was live was our homecoming game. That was probably the best game I’ve played so far this year. Then they were actually there for senior night to see me in person.”

Following this freshman’s performance on senior night, Silofau, unbeknownst to him, had received a verbal offer from BYU. When it sunk in that he indeed had received that verbal offer, having realized he just received his first scholarship offer, his excitement really began to build.

“It was sort of like a dream come true,” said Silofau. “I was like, ‘Wow, that just happened!’ I had no idea that BYU was even looking at me. Then to get my first offer from them was a shock to me. I’m just so grateful and excited about that.”

Silofau admits he doesn’t know much about BYU, other than the fact that many Polynesians attend, and have attended, the world’s largest private university.

“I don’t know much about BYU, but I know a lot of Samoans go there,” said Silofau. “I have some work to do to get to know more about BYU. My parents were excited and happy for me. I’m really thankful for the offer.”

BYU won’t actually be able to extend a written offer to Silofau until he enters his junior year of high school. It appears that this could be be a long recruiting battle. In the meantime, congratulations to Reese Silofau on receiving his first scholarship offer from BYU.

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