Westlake HS athlete Chaz Ah You talks about recruiting and where BYU stand with him

West Lake High School junior Chaz Ah You has a lot of scholarship options currently on the table. From the PAC-12, to the SEC, to the Big-10, Ah You has many colleges vying for his services. Among them is also BYU, which he considers to be among the top programs he's considering.

Chaz Ah You is one of the top athletes in the state of Utah in the 2017 recruiting class. The nearly 6-2, 190-pound two-way athlete is still being heavily courted by the BYU Cougars, where his talents could be of good use to the program.

“BYU is still recruiting me really hard,” said Ah You. “They’re definitely still showing me a lot of interest, so everything is going good with them.”

Over the course of his high school career, Ah You has played and excelled at multiple positions. His athleticism is broad to the point that he’s started at quarterback, safety, and wide receiver among other positions. BYU is recruiting Ah You as an athlete, and Coach Beck even made an interesting comment to him last summer.

“They’re recruiting me as an athlete,” said Ah You. “I was on one of the visits over the summer, and I spoke to the quarterbacks coach, Coach Beck. He was saying that he could possibly see me as a quarterback in college. He said I have a lot to work with that could be dangerous.”

However, BYU defensive coordinator Nick Howell had something to say about that.

“Oh no, he said that’s not going to happen,” said Ah You with a laugh. “Coach Howell wants me in the secondary.”

When you’re rated as the seventh-best safety prospect in the nation for the 2017 class, Coach Howell’s enthusiasm for Ah You playing on the defensive side of the ball makes sense. In fact the BYU assistant coach that is in charge of recruiting Ah You is Coach Howell. Ah You has a lot of respect and appreciation for BYU’s defensive coordinator and secondary coach.

“I love Coach Howell,” Ah You said. “He’s always showing me a lot of love and telling me how things could be with me at BYU. He always tells me what kind of experiences I can have over there. I love Coach Howell a lot.”

As of now, Ah You has 14 scholarships on the table, which is quite a few options for the junior with one more year of high school football left to play.

“I have [offers from] BYU, Utah, Utah State, Washington, Washington State, Oregon State, Stanford, UCLA, Oklahoma State, Wisconsin, UNLV, Michigan, Cal, and Vanderbilt,” said Ah You.

Chances are Ah You will rack up a few more offers before it’s all said and done. He’ll give it some time and begin to whittle it down to a top five after next year’s football season. That way he’ll have had enough time to fully evaluate and consider his options.

“I think I’ll probably start picking my top five after next season,” said Ah You. “I think that would probably be the best time for me. I think probably after the next football season around March or so.”

As far as attending BYU home games, Ah You has stepped foot inside LaVell Edwards Stadium three times this season.

“I think I attended around three so far,” said Ah You. “I attended the Boise State game. That was a good one and really exciting. I also attended the Wagner game. That one was a blow out. I went out there with some friends. I went out there with Dallin Pili and Shamon Willis and he’s starting to be recruited by BYU. I’ve played with Shamon ever since we were six.”

The four-star safety prospect has also stepped foot on Utah's campus and has a scheduled visit to Oregon later this month as well.

“I’ve been up to Utah for a little bit and then I’m heading up to Oregon on the 21st to go to one of their games,” Ah You said. “A lot of their coaches have followed me on Twitter.”

Every athlete has a different perspective on how to use their scholarship. For young Chaz Ah You, he fully understands that he’ll have but one time to pull the trigger so he better make it a good shot. He wants to be sure he gets the most, both on and off the field, when it comes to choosing a college to attend.

“Right now I’m looking for a school that can get everything out of me, especially with all the doors that are open to me,” Ah You said “So, I’m definitely looking at a school that will get the most out of me on and off the field.”

Where does BYU stand? Well, the private institution owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints sits among the top choices for Ah You.

“BYU is definitely a school that I’m considering,” Ah You said. “It’s a school that competes with the top level schools and not only compete but win. As long as they’re winning that shows a lot. BYU is a well-rounded school with the religion side of things and has a lot of diversity there. There’s a lot to look forward to when you talk about BYU.”

However, before any tackle is made at the college level, Ah You plans on setting aside football for two years to serve an LDS mission. This is something that is very important to him simply because he feels he’s been blessed with so much.

“I plan on serving a mission, yes,” Ah You said. “Heavenly Father has blessed me with so me that I feel like I need to go serve him first. He’s also commanded us to do so, and with how much he’s blessed me I need to go in and pay him back somehow.”

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