BYU commit Troy Warner has been evaluating his options following the changes in the BYU coaching staff

With the coaching situation at BYU in massive flux, recruits are currently left hanging in many ways. Will the next coaching staff honor the previous staff’s offer(s)? Will the next coaching staff’s program fit me as a player? Can I build a relationship with them and so on? catches up with BYU recruits and commits to get their thoughts on the matter and find out where they stand.

The news of Bronco Mendenhall and some of his assistant coaches leaving BYU for the ACC and Virginia was hard to take for Troy Warner. The coaches that he’s build a relationship with over the many years are now leaving the program he had committed to. Being in limbo, Warner is now entertaining other possibilities with coaches he’s also built relationships with staying at their current programs.

“Yeah, it is pretty tough,” said Warner. “Right now it is tough seeing the coaches go, but I am entertaining USC right now. I want to hear out what they have to say. I’m still committed to BYU, but I’m definitely checking out USC.”

The migration of BYU’s coaches to Virginia has been especially tough for Troy Warner. He’s built up a strong relationship with just about every defensive assistant coach currently on staff.

“It was all the BYU coaches that recruited me,” Warner said. “See all the coaches go was really tough for me. My comfort level might not be where it was at before because I just don’t know what’s going on. That’s a little bit of a concern for me. Overall it’s just now kind of different.”

Warner does, however, know that there is more to BYU than just those great coaches who are leaving to Virginia.

“Yeah, I’ve always known that BYU is a special place and it’s unique,” said Warner. “It’s not like any other university out there and I take that into consideration as well. I don’t discard that aspect of what BYU has to offer.”

Which is why he says he's still committed to BYU and hasn’t de-committed. While Warner feels in limbo, he’s simply going to follow his heart and see where it takes him during this time of uncertainty.

“Yeah, that’s pretty much right,” he said. “I’m just kind of following my heart right now and trying to feel everything out. Of course I want to see who gets hired at BYU and all that, but right now I’m just following my heart. I’m just going to do what my heart tells me.”

The key to following one’s heart is to first fill it with inspiration. That way one isn’t easily misled by following one’s own the mind of what seems to be the logical choice. To follow one’s heart means prayer must be involved.

“I’ve been praying a lot lately,” Warner said. “I’m still committed but I’m weighing my options because of the situation with the coaches. I haven’t talked to my brother about everything yet, but I will when he comes home after the bowl game.”

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