Roosevelt HS defensive back Chris Wilcox received an offer from BYU that could be a game-changer in his future playing career

While the head coach at Southern Utah University, new BYU Cougar assistant head coach Ed Lamb had been recruiting Chris Wilcox for some time. Roosevelt High School, located in Corona, CA, is the home of the talented, hard-hitting safety that just received a BYU scholarship offer.

Roosevelt High School (Corona, CA) athlete Chris Wilcox comes in at around 6-2, 175-pounds with a self reported 4.5 forty to add to his skill set. He was just offered by new BYU Cougars head coach Kalani Sitake and his coaching staff. Wilcox is excited about the new and unexpected doors that just opened for him.

"I'm just really excited about my BYU offer," said Wilcox. "I had recently received an offer from the head coach of Southern Utah, and now he's coaching at BYU (Ed Lamb). He called me yesterday and wanted to let me know that he wants me but that he's at BYU now. He wanted to let him know that they are still very interested in me, and that they want me to come up on an official visit."

Because of Ed Lamb, Wilcox has gone from holding a SUU scholarship offer to a coveted BYU scholarship offer. Wilcox feels he just wont the lottery.

"Yeah, it is crazy!" said Wilcox with a laugh. "I do feel like I just won the lottery. When this happened it just opened my eyes a lot. I still need to talk to my family about what is best for me, but, man, this is really exciting to me."

In speaking of Coach Lamb, Wilcox thinks highly of BYU's new assistant head coach.

"He seems like a really cool guy, and he just want to meet me and I want to meet him," said Wilcox. "I want my parents to meet him so we can get established and be in touch. He just seems like a really cool dude."

Wilcox suffered a season-ending injury five games into last year's season, so his recruiting slowed down and colleges like Cal backed off among others. He has verbally committed to UC Davis but things have drastically changed for him now.

"I did verbally commit to UC Davis, but things have changed now," he said. "It's funny because I've always watched BYU as a little kid on TV. I grew up watching them always playing in bowl games, and playing at that level has always been a dream for me. Now that I actually have a chance to go play at a college like BYU is just a dream for me. I've always known about BYU because they play everyone and do really well every year."

Although Wilcox knows that BYU exists, he's still learning what a scholarship from an academic institution like BYU really stands for.

"I've been doing some research. I like BYU a lot and I'm looking more into BYU," said Wilcox. "The more I look into it, the more I like it. I'm still learning but I know BYU is a high academic institution that plays top quality football. I can say how excited about this offer. Everything has changed for me."

Wilcox has gained a reputation among the Riverside County School District for being a hard-hitting defensive back.

"I've been playing safety a lot, and I like to come down and make the big hit," Wilcox said. "I like to come down and smack people and make the crowd go, 'Ooh!' That's the type of player I am. I played some offense last year, but I just wanted to stay on the defensive side of the ball so I can work on my craft."

Not only is Chris Wilcox a hard-hitting SoCal safety, but he also runs track for Roosevelt High School as well, where he's been very successful.

"I don't just play football for my high school, but I also run track and won league in the 400 (meters)," said Wilcox. "We also won Arcadia in the 4x4. Last year I ran a 10.9 [in the 100 meters], but I'm looking to run a 10.8 or 10.7 this year."

Wilcox is planning on attending the big BYU recruiting extravaganza where most of the recruits gather in Provo for their official visits. Wilcox plans on being there on January 22nd.

"Yeah, I plan on being there," he said. "I'll be down in Provo for the official visit on January 22nd."

Before Chris Wilcox comes to Provo for his official visit there is one thing he needs to know. That is, if he rides the snowmobiles he needs to know the trees don't move. As reported over the many years, recruits always seem to go fast and go hard right into a tree.

"Yeah, I've never ridden a snowmobile before," Wilcox said with a laugh. "It doesn't really snow down here in Southern California, so it's going to be a new experience for me being in all that snow."

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