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Longtime BYU commit, Jonah Trinnaman, is taking an official visit to Utah but BYU fans shouldn't worry too much

This weekend Snow Junior College wide receiver star Jonah Trinnaman will take an official visit to Utah. The following week he’ll take his official visit to BYU, where he’ll gain a better compare and contrast between the two programs. The Utes are pressing hard to get this current Cougar commit to flip his colors from the blue of BYU to candy scarlet red of Utah.

The million dollar question right now is will Utah succeed in their effort to get Jonah Trinnaman to flip his commitment from BYU to Utah? Both fan bases and coaching staffs are eager to find out.

“I have an official visit with Utah coming up this weekend, but everything is going well with BYU,” said Trinnaman. “Utah is putting the pressure on and they really want me so it’s expected, but everything is going well with BYU and I’m still committed to them.”

Prior to taking the Utah wide receivers coaching job, Guy Holliday recruited Trinnaman to BYU. Having now switched to coach at Utah, Holliday is still recruiting Trinnaman heavily.

“Yeah, I’m still committed to BYU but Coach Holliday is coming down to talk to me,” said Trinnaman. “He came down and talked to me and my family and we have a great relationship. That’s the only reason why I’ll listen to him and hear what he has to talk about whatever they want to talk about. He’s been recruiting me for three years now so I have a great relationship with him and that’s why I’ll entertain them. I love those coaches up there but there is a reason why I’m committed to BYU.”

Not long after Ty Detmer was hired on as BYU’s new offensive coordinator, he made a visit to speak personally with Jonah Trinnaman and how he expects him to play a major roll in the BYU offense.

“Coach Detmer came down to see me at Snow and we had a good talk,” said Trinnaman. “He came and introduced himself and wanted to meet me in person. They want me at the X-receiver position. He kind of told me that they want to move me around and use me at different positions and stuff like that. It was a great visit and it was great to meet and talk with him.”

Trinnaman knows that at BYU the offense will continue to hum under proven quarterbacks in a pass-heavy offense under the direction of former Heisman Trophy winner Ty Detmer. In the past Utah’s offense has been more run-based, and with a new and unproven quarterback taking the helm entering the 2016 season leaves more question marks.

“Yeah, there’s a reason why I’m committed to BYU,” said Trinnaman with a chuckle in his voice. “I’m excited about it and I spoke to Handsome [Tanielu] and he asked me how things are going? I let him know that things are fine and that I love BYU and that I’m still committed. I told him if I didn’t love BYU then I wouldn’t be committed and just that Utah is just talking to me. I’m talking to Coach Holliday out of respect, but I’m still committed to BYU and I’m excited about joining the team.

“Utah knows that I’m committed to BYU and this is kind of their last chance sort of thing. That’s why they’re pushing so hard to try and get me, but it’s mostly just out of respect for Coach Holliday."

Handsome Tanielu and Trinnaman talked about the strength and conditioning program under new strength and conditioning coach Nu’u Tafisi. Tanielu let Trinnaman know that they’re not at Snow College any more.

“Yeah, I asked him how the workouts are going and stuff like that,” Trinnaman said. “He told me that it’s really hard and that this is big time now; that they’re not at Snow College any more. I told him, ‘Well, this is what we wanted and what we worked so hard for.’”

After Trinnaman takes his official visit to Utah this weekend he’ll take his official visit to BYU the following weekend and will make his final deicison before signing his National Letter of Intent on February 3rd.  

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