Chris Wilcox

Roosevelt (CA) DB Chris Wilcox recapped his BYU official visit and committing to BYU

Roosevelt High School (Corona, CA) defensive back Chris Wilcox was on campus at BYU this past weekend for his official visit. The speedy defensive back had a great time on campus visiting with players and coaches alike. In fact he liked it so much he committed.

For Chris Wilcox (Eleanor Roosevelt HS - Corona, CA), BYU was a place he needed to check out. So, the 6-2, 170-pound defensive back with reported 4.5 forty speed flew to Provo, Utah to take an official visit. What first caught his attention was the scenery surrounding the Provo campus.

“The visit was more than what I expected,” said Wilcox. “The scenery around there is absolutely beautiful. I’m from Southern California so to see all those mountains and all that snow was amazing. It was a great trip to Provo.”

Like most recruits, one of the highlights of the visit was simply hanging out and getting to know some of the other recruits also taking official visits. The meet and greet of official visits is usually topped off with some fun in the snow.

“I would say some of the highlights were hanging out with the other recruits,” said Wilcox. “It was a lot of fun getting to know them. Also, one fun thing that was cool is we all went snowmobiling. That was a lot of fun. It was cold for sure, but once I got the hang of things, it was all good up there.”

The activities are a way in which committed players can get to know one another more, while the uncommitted players can build relationships with potential future teammates. Following snowmobiling in the backwoods of the Wasatch mountains, the recruits took a tour of the football facilities.

“The campus was nice and I liked that a lot of the football facilities were close to one another,” Wilcox said. “We saw all the weight room and the stadium and all that. We got to go up to the press box and see the stadium and that was a highlight. We saw the indoor practice facility, but we didn’t get a chance to go inside. We just saw the outside of it.”

Hosting Wilcox around campus was BYU defensive back Micah Simon.

“My host was Micah [Simon] who is a cornerback from Texas,” said Wilcox. “He and I aren’t LDS so I was talking to him about being at BYU. He said coming from Texas it was a little different at first, but he said once he got used to being out there it’s been great. He said once you know all the guys it really cool, and he said he has a really good time with everybody.”

Wilcox also learned about BYU’s broadcasting facilities and extensive T.V. networks affiliated with the university through cable and other outlet providers. Knowing that BYU has a large program in his field of interest was the cherry on top.

“I just liked hanging out with everybody and I’m going into audio engineering,” Wilcox said. “That’s something that I want to do and they have the whole BYUtv. I got to see inside the building and that was incredible. I’m going to go into communications and then I can get internships with that kind of stuff. The opportunities are amazing!

“Knowing I can come play big time football and then come and be a part of BYUtv and get a degree in a field where there's so much emphasized there is a great opportunity for me. That’s what pretty much sealed the deal for me.”

Throughout the visit Wilcox was asked to give his thoughts on his BYU visit. He informed his host and the BYU staff that he was enjoying his time in Provo.

“[Every night] they would get my opinion and I would just tell them that it was awesome,” said Wilcox. “They always wanted to know how I liked it there. I also would talk to my parents every day and they would ask how I liked it. I would just tell them how much I liked it over there. I told them that I could see myself being here. I talked to my parents all the time. We were talking and I told them that it’s the right fit for me and these are the type of people that I want to be around."

He spoke to his parents on a daily basis, filling them in on his experience. Once he and his parents were on the same page, Wilcox was called in for a personal visit with BYU head coach Kalani Sitake. That was when he informed BYU’s head coach that he wanted to be a BYU Cougar.

“I had already spoken to my parents about everything,” said Wilcox. “I was going to leave early Sunday morning while everyone else was going to be leaving later on that day. I had to get my interview with Coach Sitake done earlier, so I talked to him that Saturday night and that’s when I committed to him. I told him that I had talked to my parents about everything, and I told him that I was 100 percent committed and that I wanted to be a Cougar. He was really excited.”

Excited and happy about his decision to commit to BYU, Wilcox informed his new friends that he would be their future teammate. The response was warm and welcoming.

“Oh yeah, I told all the recruits that where there with me,” Wilcox said. “They were all excited for me and giving me high-fives. It was just really cool. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to commit. I’m excited to be a BYU Cougar.”

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