St. Bonaventure (CA) DL Kamakani Crosby received his first offer from BYU & he is bullish on the Cougars

From Ventura, California defensive line prospect Kamakani Crosby, a 6-4, 260-pound sophomore, is making an early name for himself. Now that he’s received his first offer from BYU, his name is bound to get even bigger as more colleges will surely follow. As of now BYU is among the tops for this LDS recruit.

St. Bonaventure High School (Ventura, CA) has a talented defensive end that popped up early on the BYU Cougars recruiting radar. Kamakani Crosby recently received a BYU scholarship offer and it’s something he’s ecstatic about.

“I’m very excited about my offer from BYU,” said Crosby. “Growing up LDS, I’ve had family go there. It’s just a humbling experience to get an offer from BYU and I couldn’t be more excited.”

Interestingly enough, the offer to Crosby from Coach Sitake happened in an interesting manner. Crosby had called his cousin Alema Pilimai, who was on an official visit to BYU, when the phone was handed to Coach Sitake.

“What happened was, I was actually talking to Alema’s dad (Vanu Pilimai) and he was talking to me about how him and Alema were right then on a visit to BYU,” Crosby said. “He was like, ‘Hold on I have someone that wants to talk to you.’ That’s when he put Coach Sitake on the phone. That’s when he offered me.”

Surprised by what had just occurred, Crosby was speechless. Coach Sitake complimented him on being the type of young man worthy of such an offer.

“My initial reaction was just kind of a long pause because I was shocked,” said Crosby. “I just told him, ‘Thank you for this opportunity that you’re giving me.’ He asked if I had any other family that had been to BYU. That day they also offered my cousin Alema Pilimai, who actually pulled his commitment from Utah to go to BYU.”

Since receiving his scholarship, Crosby and his cousin Alema Pilimai have talked about a future where they could both be playing alongside one another wearing the blue and white of BYU. It’s a thought that has excited Crosby.

“We’ve gone back and forth about it,” said Crosby. “Alema and I talked about how cool it would be that when he comes back home from his mission that he and I would be playing together. He would be coming home my freshman year, so we would be able to play together when he gets home. It’s kind of something that’s cool and exciting to think about.”

Being LDS and having cheered for BYU since a young boy, Crosby naturally places BYU high on his college list.

“BYU is pretty high up there and they’ve always been up there for me,” said Crosby. “Growing up in the LDS church, I’ve always had a high interest in BYU. To get an offer from Coach Sitake and have that opportunity to play for BYU is exciting and humbling for me.”

Along with his BYU offer, Crosby is also hearing from other schools as well.

“I’ve been receiving letters from Washington and Notre Dame,” said Crosby. “Now I have an offer from BYU so they’re my first offer. I couldn’t be excited about that.”

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