Folsom (CA) LB Ariel Ngata received his 6th offer from BYU recently & is interested in learning more about the Cougars

The last name Ngata may look familiar to BYU fans and college football fans in general. Haloti Ngata played his prep football at Highland High School and college ball at Oregon. BYU has extended an offer to a football player of with the same last name in Ariel Ngata, but he has no relation to the big Tongan currently playing for the Detroit Lions.

Coming in at 6-4, 215-pounds, Folsom (CA) outside linebacker Ariel Ngata has received a scholarship offer from Brigham Young University making it his sixth offer so far.

"BYU offered me [two] Sunday’s ago around noon I want to say,” said Ngata. “Coach Tevita [Ofahengaue] is the one that offered me the scholarship to BYU. They were looking at me and as soon as they found me they wanted to extend the offer. It happened kind of quickly. BYU was my sixth offer. I have offers from Washington, Washington State, Utah, Hawaii, and Colorado State. BYU makes them my sixth offer.”

The offer from the BYU Cougars came as a bit of a surprise to Ngata, who had seen BYU play many times on television. Concerning BYU’s defense, what he had seen on television impressed him.

“I was surprised, first of all, because I’ve seen BYU on TV,” said Ngata. “I’ve seen BYU and I’ve seen Kyle Van Noy play. I’ve seen them play in a lot of bowls and other games. I watched them play Memphis [in 2014] and they have a good defense. They fly around the field. Their linebackers are quick to the ball and have quick instincts. I was surprised when I got an offer from BYU who wants me to be a part of something like that. It’s pretty cool.”

Seeing the last name Ngata might excite many thinking he’s related to Haloti Ngata, who plays defensive tackle in the NFL for the Detroit Lions. While Haloti Ngata hails from Tongan ancestry, Ariel Ngata’s family comes from Africa.

“My mom was born in Ghana, Africa and my dad was born in Cameroon,” said Ngata. “I’ve never been there but we are planning on going out there some time soon. I think it would be cool to go to where my mom and dad are from, but, yeah, I’m not related to [Haloti Ngata].”

Not knowing much about BYU, Ngata feels he has some work to do in getting more familiarized with what a BYU scholarship has to offer. He admits he has some work to do.

“Yeah, I need to do some more research on BYU to get to know more about them,” said Ngata. “I know they’re a private university and I know they’re independent. I need to find out more on what BYU’s about and what a scholarship from that school can give me.”

BYU defensive coordinator Ilaisa Tuiaki and his defensive staff are looking to continue BYU’s defensive prowess that has been a hallmark under Bronco Mendenhall. A linebacker-heavy system, BYU’s defense has relied on the play of outstanding linebackers over the past 10 years. Coach Tuiaki is looking to continue bringing in top-caliber linebackers to continue that strong trend on BYU’s defense.

“I play as a hybrid-type player on our team,” said Ngata. “It’s kind of like a defensive end/linebacker position depending on the look. If we get a certain look then I’ll play standing up. We play a lot of tight end formations and double-tight formations. Once we play the spread teams that when I get a little action standing up. I love playing spread teams.”

When it comes to a university, Ngata has given a criterion of three important things he’s looking for at the next level.

“First of all I want to go to a school that has great academics,” said Ngata. “I think that’s important. I want to go to a college that will prepare me for the next phase in life after football. [Next], what’s going to have a huge impact on where I go is playing time and exposure. The third thing is I want to be somewhere close to home so my parents can come watch me play. I would like to stay closer to home if I can. If my parents can at least fly out to my games once a year that would be good.”

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