San Clemente LB/TE Isaac Rex says it's a dream come true to have his first offer from the BYU Cougars

BYU offensive coordinator Ty Detmer and his offensive staff continue to seek out top prospects to fill out the depth chart of his new BYU offense. Recently, San Clemente High School tight end and linebacker Isaac Rex, the son of former BYU tight end Byron Rex, was offered by BYU.

California two-way prospect Isaac Rex received his payday in the form of a BYU scholarship offer recently. After all the hard work he put in both on and off the field, Rex received word he was being offered by none other than former BYU star quarterback, Heisman Trophy winner, and current BYU offensive coordinator Ty Detmer.

“It was just a great moment and all my hard work has finally paid off,” said Rex. “I’ve been working for an offer for so long, and it finally feels great to get it. Coach Detmer texted me and told me to call him early in the morning, so I called him the next morning around 6:10 and he was in Texas at the time.

“We were talking for a bit and I just thought it was a call just to catch up kind of thing. He was like, ‘How are you doing and how is basketball?’ He asked me how the season was going and school is going. Then he was like, ‘I’d like to offer you a scholarship.’ I was so excited and so happy.”

The offer from BYU was Rex’s first and more are sure to follow. Being LDS and growing up following the school his father, Byron Rex, who racked up 1,209 receiving yards and second team All-American honors, played for was great moment. Isaac Rex holds BYU as his number one college for now.

“Right now BYU is number one on my list because they’re my only offer right now,” said Rex. “BYU has been my dream school and I’ve followed BYU pretty much my whole life. My dad played there and all that stuff, so we’re pretty much fans.”

From time to time Byron Rex subtly reminds his son of his glory years at BYU by sitting down and showing him old highlight film.

“Yeah, my dad is a huge BYU fan. He follows BYU and we all do pretty much. Yeah, my dad talks about his playing days at BYU. He likes to show me old highlights and stuff like that but I don’t believe him. I don’t believe the hype,” said Rex jokingly.

As an All-CIF and All-County linebacker, Rex amassed around 70 tackles, two interceptions, two forced fumbles, and one recovery at linebacker for San Clemente High School in 2015. This year he’ll play a lot more tight end and hopes to have an All-CIF performance on the offensive side of the ball as well.

“I was All-CIF and All-County for middle linebacker and I play both ways,” Rex said. “I bring a lot of physicality to the tight end position and I can block really well. I can also catch really well, so those are some of my strong suits. I was All-CIF for linebacker but I’m going to play a lot of tight end this year.”

Rex played alongside former BYU tight end recruit and Utah signee Cole Fotheringham. This season he’ll be the featured tight end on offense while continuing to play middle linebacker for the Tritons.

“I played tight end when we needed a double-tight formation or a two tight end set,” said Rex. “That’s when I went in offense, or when we needed more blocking on specific plays. This year I’ll play more tight end.”

While it is assumed that Rex will play tight end at BYU, that could change based on how big he grows. He could end up playing a different position than the one his father played if he grows taller and fills out his frame.

“Well, I’m still growing and getting bigger,” said Rex. “I’m 6-5 and weigh 235-pounds right now and could be bigger by the time I get home off my mission. I think they’ll most likely want me to be a tight end, but I could also become a d-end or even an offensive lineman. I’m not sure yet but I’ll play whatever they want me to play.”

Although Rex comes from a BYU family, he hasn’t committed to the Cougars yet. He’s going to wait a little longer to see if he can help bring more attention to some of his teammates who might also be worthy of a division one offer.

“I’m still interested in other schools and I’m going to wait a bit to see what I can get,” said Rex. “My high school coach doesn’t like us to commit too early because he likes it when coaches come around and check out other guys. I’ll probably make a decision before the season starts.”


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