BYU is Antioch High School freshman Gaudie Campbell's first offer in recruiting and he's intrigued by the Cougars

Out of Antioch High School in Antioch, California, Gaudie Campbell is already making a name for himself despite his youth. The freshman has received his first verbal offer from the coaches of BYU and that has him very excited about his future.

While Antioch High School (Antioch, CA) athlete Gaudie Campbell was at practice honing his football skills, he learned some exciting life-changing news that could influence his football future.

“I was at seven-on-seven practice when I got the news that I had an offer from BYU,” said Campbell. “I spoke with a coach and we talked for a little bit. He said they were offering me a full-ride scholarship and to keep my grades up.”

A member of the 2019 class, which seems so far away, Campbell has already popped up on the BYU Cougars' radar despite the years of prep football ahead of him. Despite that fact, Campbell is very excited about his first offer from the Cougars of BYU.

“When I got the offer I was really excited about it because I had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time,” said Campbell. “I really want to go to college because not many people in my family have gone to college. I’ll be the second one in my family to go to college. My parents were really happy I got my first offer.”

Apparently his mother was overjoyed with the news her son had received his first offer from BYU.

“My family was really excited,” said Campbell. “My mom was really, really excited! She knows how hard I’ve been working for this. My dad is the one who really brought me into this football stuff.”

On the field Campbell turned in some very good numbers as a freshman. His height, speed, and athletic ability to make a plays after the catch gives reason as to why he caught the eyes of the BYU coaching staff.

“I’m 6-2 and weigh 150-pounds,” said Campbell. “Last season I think I had around 20 catches for around 500 yards and around six or seven touchdowns my freshman year. I played four games in the playoffs last season at the varsity level, so I got the hang of it getting to know how fast it is. I think I’ll be more ready next year.”

Campbell, who is not LDS, feels the reason BYU offered him is because he meets all the recruiting standards required for an offer. He keeps his grades up, is a good athlete on the field, and tries to adhere to a higher standard.

“Well, I keep my grades straight,” Campbell said. “I have no bad records and pretty much keep out of trouble. I stay away from all the bad stuff out there and just try to be a good person. I try to keep myself in a good environment and be around good people. I don’t do bad things and keep myself clean.”

Now that Campbell has the offer from BYU, he’s been doing a little research on what the school stands for. He knows a little about the religious aspects of the university but feels he needs to learn more.

“I’m just now starting to research BYU,” Campbell said. “I know BYU is a Mormon school and it’s a religious school. I know there are good people who go there. I’m still learning about the school, but there’s not many people out here at this age who receive offers like this at my age.”

As one would expect, BYU is at the top of Campbell’s list as far as top colleges.

“BYU is [at] the top of my list right now,” said Campbell. “They offered me a scholarship and I’m excited to learn more about the college.”

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