Quiet but Effective, Mohetau & Willing Impress

Most fans familiar with BYU football recruiting know about all-everything, high school All-American offensive guard <b>Ofa Mohetau</b> from Texas. He is considered by some national recruiting experts as the country's best offensive guard over the past 5-10 years.

High school stardom is a thing of the recent past, but Mohetau has already impressed the right people even before fall practice began: his coaches and teammates.

Lance Reynolds, BYU's offensive line coach, told TotalBlueSports.com today that "Ofa is an incredibly physically endowed young man and is going to be a great player. We've only practiced twice now and he has a long way to go assimilating himself to what we're trying to do, but the talent level and overall ability is obvious. He's a player."

Mohetau's response: "I know people are expecting certain things from me, but I don't let that bother me. I know what I'm capable of and will achieve what I'm capable of. I have certain expectations of myself and will work to achieve those. I can't control what others expect of me. I can just work and play as hard as I know how and go from there."

BYU offensive play caller, Gary Crowton, added: "Ofa is a very impressive young man. The team really likes his attitude and the seniors have taken him under their wing. I like his attitude as well. He's sort of quiet and just goes about his business. He's very polite, but intense. I think he's going to be one heck of a player for us. He may even contribute this season. We'll just have to wait and see."

Mohetau's response: "I'm just trying to learn things as fast as I can. There's so much to learn at this level and that is one of the big differences. Guys like Scott Jackson and the other seniors have really been helpful. I'm learning a lot from them; learning as much as I can and working with them will be the key to how well I do. We need to work together as an offensive line."

The other true freshman offensive lineman who has already captured the attention of coaches and teammates is RJ Willing, a highly recruited athlete from Hawaii.

"He's (RJ) working very hard. He's like Mohetau in that he's very physically endowed and very strong. His technique is relatively good for an incoming freshman."

Head coach Crowton noted that "RJ came in real early and has worked very hard. He's extremely strong and the players have taken well to him – and feel good about what Mohetau and Willing are doing."

Reynolds, the beaming offensive line coach, added: "The freshmen we have right now are real studs. I feel really good about the guys we have coming in and that we're recruiting. Mohetau and Willing, along with the other freshman like Keele and Kuresa, are as good as they come athletically. They just need experience. Even the smallest step, the wrong way or one moment of hesitation and they're in trouble. They just need to learn the calls and go from there because I can tell you that they're all physically ready at this point. They just need to prepare themselves mentally so that they can contribute."

Teammate Brandon Stephens, who has been helping the two freshmen acclimate and adjust in workouts this summer, said: ‘I think that offensive line is the hardest position to learn. There are so many calls to learn and you really have to work well with those around you. Nothing is individual on the offensive line. You have to learn to work well with all of the other four guys. It's going to be tough for the new guys, but they're ready and willing to learn."

Reynolds summed it up: "I feel really good about all of them and I'm not just saying that for a press thing. I really like where they are and I think they'll all be incredible players for us in the future. We'll just have to wait and see how Mohetau and Willing perform in the scrimmages before I can say if they will contribute this year or not. But I can say that they're the real deal as far as athletic talent goes. They're studs, all of them."

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